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(Waty) #1538

(Angry melee Athena) #1539


#5 with Sniper, beat the ■■■■ out of this run please. :joy:



(Angry melee Athena) #1542

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1543

Better than our last time…maybe?
Brantron’s host

(Angry melee Athena) #1544

I’d like to make a little request: anyone posting co-op kills, please list who’s the host, thank you! :slight_smile:

P.S. Turns out this run of yours is slower than the previous one @Sun_Tsunami and @Brantron.

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1545

I knew it :joy:

(kbk160008) #1546

O.K. I’m satisfied with this record.

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1547

(Striker Zidane) #1548

I’m really impressed with this run. Superb job sir!

Most of the steam players don’t know how clunky ps4 controllers are. Grip (why I prefer PS3 controller), delay, not solid 60 FPS can mess up your aiming and of course mess the whole run. So salute to you @Brantron!

(What does it all mean!?) #1549

I know, I can’t wait to see what he’s got going on next… I find swapping weapons while gunzerking really clunky on both the PS3 and PS4 controllers, but he makes it look as smooth as KB/M…just awesome!

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1550

I am use to PS4 controller so it’s actually easy for me to use as I have never really touched a laptop/computer for gaming but my controller is broken so sometimes I can’t stop slightly turning to left XD thanks :smiley:

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1551

I have something in mind just u wait not going to be a record but kind funny if it works of course :wink:

(Dinafay) #1552

Why @Giant_Fly
We all proved and respected you… I though that everybody and the few people that remain on this section of the community were clean and loved what we do! I mean, there was no absolute reason to cheat in here… Becouse, everyday we’re raising the complexity and how hard some kinds of kills are, becoming super hard to replicate or even beat. And this is gonna end a day to another and I really hope that its gonna end with no kind of abuse or cheat from it… Just think the time, work and dedication the everysingle one of here we have spended on this. I think you wouldn’t like to see how someone beats one of your records like that… I have faith it will not happend again.

Respects to @abroubtdust20120 @FailyFailracer and @Enderborn1

(Dinafay) #1554

ops, sorry!

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1555


(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1556

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1557

I was host

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1558

Time to fill in some empty categories. :slight_smile:
@Brantron is the host on all of these 3-man Raids.