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and you successful game

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Nice! My Gaige has 4-5 Hives in her backpack to try exactly this, glad to see it works. Since she went into FFYL so quickly, I’m wondering if the Bee shield made a difference?

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1643

I am not 100% sure on this but when shot is airborne even when u go down it has the bee damage on it so if u shoot a sandhawk and take the bee off the bullet in the air will do the damage as if the bee was on (I think) @CommonDefence

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I admire your patience dude. :smile:

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I was just looking at the boards and noticed that bloodslposion Kreig has a place for dexi hmmm… If anyone can actually do that I will be amazed cause I really don’t think it’s possible (maybe)

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he does take bloodsplosion damage (BUT) he has to much HP to really pull it off legit sadly :frowning: that and he would kill the enemies in the chain in 1 hit so even if you had enough weak enemies for the chain he would just ruin the fun by instantly killing them

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trust me my patience was getting thin for krieg runs (even tho dexi my favorite raid) cause each reset took like 20-30 min just to make sure i had the 2 savages i needed stay alive from all the drifters attacking all the time (and some times spores) and the fact the smaller of the savages i needed to drag from the other side of the map soooo yeah i about wanted to give up… and i did and just took the first run i was able to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know it’s possible but its suuuuuuper unpratical it’s just kind funny :stuck_out_tongue: also to do the dmg do u have to hit the orbs or can u bloodslposion his leg if it’s on the orbs then u can only use the spores XD

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bloodsplosion can hit anywhere on his body as far as i know of

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Wow really I don’t really know much about dexi but that’s cool :smiley:

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well being you cant use normal bullets to hurt him directly unless you have bore and can only hurt him with splash guns (without popping his zits that is) so id assume all splash can hurt him and being bloodsplosion is pure splash it (should) hurt him

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co-op RAID is simply:)

what they can do? we’ll see.

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Great runs guys! Please touch everything except Melee Zero runs :))

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I think you would allow @abroubtdust20120 to continue his attempts at Dexi with Melee Zer0 though. :wink:

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OP8 Friendship Gulag Maya 5:33:83

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ive been trying Melee Zero V Dexi for close to 9 months now… ive wasted too much time to just give up on it now :wink:

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Hello, all pardon me for bad the quality of pictures of the in my video! thank you all for your support!