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Well, I was planning to say it a bit later. But I guess I’m going to say this now.

In response to this particular controversy and in response to everyone I got to know through the Time Trials:
I am not creating new and new rules to restrict people. I just follow the already existent ones and am trying to be respectful. Respectful to everyone. The creators, the former moderators and participants of time trials, to the current runners, to people who are just enjoying to watch the runs and discussing stuff in the thread… all the rules and leaderboards changes I have introduced to the existent and alive time trials sections have only been giving more and more freedom in the ways available to do runs. I only want good for the thread, for the people participating. I obviously have an ego of myself, but I don’t let it to stay in the way of my work as a moderator here. I am honest in this intention and these words. I said a lot of bullsh*t in private chats countless times which I do regret and really want to apologise for. At this very controversial and quite crucial period to our community I hope you will understand me to some degree on that matter.


We do, we can’t forget that this is the most bewteful community in the whole gaming. And it has to continue being like that.


So. On the matter of what exactly is intended to happen with Voracidous when the script works.

If Voracidous is reduced to 0 hp before Chief spawns, he remains alive at that state, until the Chief spawns, then when the Chief spawns there’s a small time window when Vorac can already die, but Chief hasn’t yet applied the shield. And then shield is applied.

What happens when the script breaks, we could see in @Dinafay’s and @Brantron’s runs.

And the script breaks consistently if you execute some exact moves being: start fight with Vorac and exit the cage before the gate closes/die, aborting the kill multiple times.

And, with the nature of this glitch being consistent as well as glitch not having THAT immense influence on the timing, I am willing to return these Voracidous runs on the leaderboards, additionally describing the nature of the trick performed in the rules as well as stating that said trick is allowed, like forcing Dexiduous to grow additional zits, etc. etc.


Good start, but honestly mate I hope you learned you should systematically ask for people’s opinion before doing anything of this magnitude.

Don’t take that as an insult, but nobody here chose you as a moderator and you’re not a TTs pioneer at all so you can’t just decide on your own what to do with stuff like @Dinafay’s Vorac run because you lack the credibility to do so. Gotta make a vote, the community’s opinion has more value than yours or mine.


Sadly I can’t take that for anything other than an insult. Because you clearly didn’t try to understand the situation and disregarded some of my words.

Obviously my opinion does not matter.

Appears as you disregarded this sentence. As well as the fact that I only was going in accordance to the existent time trials rules (which weren’t even created by myself).

Credibility of a person does not matter as long as said person presents the reliable proof. And I presented the proof that @Dinafay’s run was contradicting the current rules.

Of course community’s word goes before the rules. But until community or vocal minority of it does not desire to change them, I, as a moderator, can go in accordance to them while sorting the runs. And just as the question about altering the rules came up, I tried to meet both the community desires and standards.

Thanks for not criticising the compromise I proposed.

P.S. I am not a pioneer, obviously, not going to have a word at that. If I recall correctly, I was chosen by @Boreshot as the moderator after I’ve finished all the work on extending and cleaning the leaderboards (will ask him on that again, just in case), and that was greeted by quite a few members of the Time Trials community.


The " compromise " you mentioned could let people exploring even more the game mechanics even when it comes to things like this, it’s actually more constructive than saying " against the rules " no matter what


Not “no matter what”, but “because” and proofs following that “because”.


Even though you and I obviously had a lot of beef I 100% respect the time you’re investing doing this. All I said was you gotta ask people’s opinion because they didn’t choose you.
Even though I wasn’t trying to insult you, if you want to take it as an insult go ahead. I don’t really care. But I told you the truth of the situation, your choice if you want to accept it or not.

Ever heard of case law ?


Here not sure if this helps with the vora situation but I spent around 2.5 hours doing this.My analysis is in the description of the video if u want to read it but this is what I have done to solve the situation (maybe??)


OK, that seems like a reasonable solution. Anyone coming across the TTs for the first time will get a heads up that some of the kills require a particular approach to get close to the times listed, and everyone else will have clarity on what is and is not considered allowable.

Let’s not go there, eh? Or this will be a completely derailed and off-topic conversation. Plus, text-only is a lousy medium for communication.

And for future reference may I respectfully suggest that, if something like this comes up again, a separate thread be established to discuss it and reach consensus. If anyone feels things are getting too heated, they can always request input from the moderators.



Oh don’t worry we talked about it in DMs.


What Krieg thinks of not being included in the BL3 trailer. :stuck_out_tongue:


L72 Crawmerax vs Maya 2:29

OP8 Crawmerax vs Maya 3:04


12 Days have past, votes are done but no kills where incluided in the table. it’s everything okay dood?


  • The poll on the controversial runs is now closed
  • The leaderboards have been updated in accordance to the results of said poll.
  • The submitted runs have all been placed on the leaderboards.

Feel free to tell me if I missed anything! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I apologise for disappearing for such a long period of time. Problems IRL have been pressing on me lately, which caused me to almost fade from the forums. I had a conversation with @Boreshot not so long ago asking him if he could take on the job of moderating the boards once again for a short period, he was positive about it, but then it turned out that he also had some stuff depriving him from being able to ensure updates would be relatively frequent in said period. So I didn’t announce anything on this matter, which I again apologise for. Starting from around now my issues are not that severe, so everything is returning to the schedule.


Gaige vs op8 Digipeak in 13m06s

Salvador vs op8 Digipeak in 11m51s

Maya vs op8 Digipeak in 12m06s

Axton vs op8 Digipeak in 13m33

I didn’t think you’d all vote for option four. it’s very strange to see this from all of you


You put Brantron instead of my name in the Maya kill, xD