Time Trials: The Pre-Sequel

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1


  • BAR must be disabled
  • No glitches or exploits (For example Flakker swapping, drop reloading, “Rolling Thunder” stacking, ect…)
  • Full video proof of the run must be shown (Quality doesn’t matter as long as it’s watchable)
  • All gear used and spec as well as the BAR must be shown after or before the run
  • No use of third party tools to give you an advantage
  • You may only use 33 rocket ammo per Boss/Arena (Additional ammo from pick ups are allowed, and skills like Athena’s Elemental Barrage or Jack’s Absolute Advantage that reduce your ammo consumption are also allowed) Regening rockets with an Absorption shield is not allowed
  • Luneshine is allowed on weapons that can spawn with it (list here)
  • All gear used must currently be obtainable in game
  • Jack players can pre-stack up to 500 stacks of “Money is Power” for Raids, and up to 250 stacks for Arenas
  • Aurelia players are not allowed to pre-stack “I Never Miss”
  • Athena players are not allowed to pre-stack “Maelstrom”
  • For both Level 9 Mutator Arena sections you may use any “Mode” or “Modifier”, but choosing ones that hamper your run does not effect your ranking. You must show that the Arena is on level 9.
  • Any Moxxtail is allowed for all of the runs.

Time Rules

The Invincible Sentinel

  • Time starts the moment the “The Invincible Sentinel” health bar appears, and ends the moment the “The Invincible Empyrean Sentinel” health bar disappears.

Eclipse & EOS

  • Time starts the moment you pass through the force field into the arena. And ends the moment EOS’ health is at zero health, NOT when the health bar disappears.

Level 9 Mutator Arena w/ SH4DOW-TP and Level 9 Mutator Arena

  • Time starts the moment the “Survive:” and “Complete waves: 0 / 3” checkboxes flash white the first time and ends the moment the “Complete waves: 3 / 3” check mark appears in the center of the screen.

Holodome Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round

  • Time starts the moment the “Survive:” and “Complete waves: 0 / 7” checkboxes flash white the first time and ends the moment the “Survive:” and “Complete waves: 7 / 7” check marks appear in the center of the screen.
  • All submissions must have the run completed in 20 minutes or less.

DAHL Combat Training: Round 5

  • Time starts the moment the “Go to arena” check mark appears in the center of the screen, and ends the moment the “Waves complete: 3/3” check mark appears in the center of the screen.


If you have any questions about the rules feel free to ask. :smile:

Strongest character builds?
How about a Time Trials for TPS
Claptastic Voyage Boss
Athena The Gladiator vs. The Invincible Sentinel (2:09)
Longnail + Systems Purge vs Eclipse/EOS
(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #2

You can summit your own work or anyone else’s work by posting it in the thread. I just ask that you try to proof watch any video before you summit it.


(Where's lucky?) #6

I can’t wait to see the cool stuff you guys do (totally not editing my comments to cover up closing the wrong thread)

(Jakobs Public Relation) #7

Looking forward to Holodome submissions, good luck everyone and try to have fun and not take it too seriously.

(Just call me kansas) #8

looking good! i’ll try to submit some “base runs” with nisha on mutator and sentinel, so we have something to go off of. i might do more athena stuff in the future, so you can look forward to that.

(The Handsome One) #9

Challenge accepted.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #10

My Jack kill 2:10

##@Ha_Na’s Nisha kill 3:00

##@byzoo_style’s Nisha kill 3:32

(Just call me kansas) #11

two questions. can the big form be frozen? and whats the ruling on order prestacking?

(Gogom2n) #12

What the best Time Nisha vs eclipse not speed kill please

(Gogom2n) #13

What speaks for the prestacking?
I’ve never tried to freeze the big form I freeze just its mask kills an enemy and active jurisdiction but why not tried the big form jelly

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #14

The big form can be frozen, and you are allowed to stack Order for every fight. But just an fyi, if you’re killing yourself in the Sentinel arena to skip the cut scene the time where you can’t shoot still counts.

Do you want me to put your ~58 sec Nisha kill?

I’ll link it in the “Hello” message.

(Just call me kansas) #15

you have a faster one though.

good. i’ll take that into account.

on another note, would it be bad form to submit chad harris’ run of mutator 9? he does it in about 3 min 30. and ive been pulling my hair out trying to get a good recording.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #16

There is 2nd and 3rd place too. If you don’t what me to its fine, its just you’re the only other person I know to bypass EOS’ phases legitimately

I know he broke the forum’s rules but I have no qualm with putting his video on the doc.

(Just call me kansas) #17

in that case id love to take the silver medal.

and chads mutator run. i feel like this could be improved, but every time i got good spawns on round 1, i got ulti badass swarmers on 2.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #18

Both added. Chad’s time was 2:29 not 3:30. And a quick question, b/c of the whole 2nd and 3rd place thing… Can you not see the docs? Someone else said they couldn’t, so I’m just making sure its not a problem.

(Just call me kansas) #19

i cant see them. it says i need access.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #20

It should be good now, check it please and make sure its in view only mode.

(Just call me kansas) #21

its working now. excellent.

(President of Jellybeans) #22

@johnrr6 has a bunch of the Wilhelm Records iirc, He’s the only guy manly enough to attempt speedruns with Wilhelm.

Idk if he did them with BAR or not, but there aren’t too many wilhelms around to contest.

(Johnrr6) #23

Unfortunately…my runs are all BAR on…

But my BAR at the time was a whopping 8% so I could have probably turned it off entirely and felt no difference…if I would have remembered LOL

This looks fun and thanks to Khimerakiller for doing this!. I will try to come back and get some runs posted during the holidays.