Time Trials: The Pre-Sequel

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Nicely done! :smiley:

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Thanks! My attempts really were countless. I have been trying to make that speedkill real from the start of my Time Trials runs. Took me quit a while to figure out everything, from how to have the Overcharge up before the EOS’s healthbar appears to the parts on my Mongol and using the Shock Absorbers skill.

Thank you!

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It’s fine this time because you didn’t use it. But try to not have illegitimate weapons equipped for runs.


  • Great job beating that last E&E phase bypass!
  • I couldn’t see the initial checkbox flash on your holodome run, but I had you starting at 0:05 and ending at 14:39, so 14:34 in case you want to edit your title. (Or correct me if I missed something)
  • Same thing but opposite, your mutator run looked like 3:50, so 2 seconds faster.
  • And I saw your message to Lex. You can’t call yourself the master Wilhelm player without taking on Shadow-trap. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I killed lvl 9 Shadow-TP with Willy yesterday. It took me like 15 minutes, but I still can post it here. XD

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The thing I most like about your run is the fact that you kind of saved Wilhelm and secured him a higher place than before. I know he has the hardest time to pull off this (and other) speed kills. That’s why I really enjoy watching your videos. That and because I am Wilhelm main and still got love for this Vault Hunter after all those years from release even though the Devs obviously had none for him. Great feat, man!

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Thanks again! And you know, what the most fun thing is? First: if he is able to one-cycle EOS even without Laser Guided, than he would be the easiest to kill them if the Devs didn’t mess up. Second: even the way it is he is still one of the most reliable characters to do so legitimately, this kill you see here is the fifth successful attempt, and unsuccessful ones for the most part were just aborted due to Eclipse behaving like a complete jackass or green glitch not showing up. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m the guy who stands up for Wilhelm, as he became my favorite character at one point of time. And although I’m quite ashamed, I’ll admit that I was playing only Nisha for a long time when I started TPS. Just to find Wilhelm after a while, IMO.


Congrats on the EOS kill, looked slick and professional man.

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He needs this kind of love! Recently, I noticed some itching in playing and I roamed the Forums to see which VH I should play. I ended up with Athena but even though she is incredibly powerful I just don’t “feel” her nor Jack who is just as powerful. I just always go back to Willy. I just like his overall vibe. I still wish the devs would haven’t messed up in almost every skill, com or mechanic with him.

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Yeah, wish they didn’t, but still he’s amazing, IMO. Btw, just now I looked through the Wilhelm skill guide, and you know what? Two of his skills marked with one star of five (First to Fight and Shock Absorbers) are actually the ones that made the one cycle on EOS possible. :smiley:

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Ya, I’ve noticed that. I have seen both skills in action in various videos and speed runs. I think the skill section actually needs a revisit as FtF and Shock Absorbers are not that bad. Shock Absorbers still works when you jump/boost as long as you pressed the run button before jumping and FtF is a rather high base dmg boost that’s up more often than the akward description makes you think.

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And here’s my Shadow-TP run with Wilhelm. Now he has one in every category! :yum:

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Excellently executed big form and decent small form. I know how old this video is, but I guess it deserves a place on the leaderboard.

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The time he achieved should be around 45 seconds, if I am able to count. Very solid execution, I must say.

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Okay y’all this marks my jumping point into the world of raiding as it’s the first kill I’ve ever attempted.

I’m not sure if it’s even good and there’s some parts I would like to brush up on but generally I think it’s good to put here since I can always look back on it in the future and know where I started from. Anyways that about sums up what I wanted to say, I’m gonna get some sleep for now :slight_smile:

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@FailyFailracer I don’t believe I can accept that run, as I didn’t see where they showed their BAR.

@MassiveGat welcome the world of time trials. It is very addicting, time consuming, but also fun!

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nice one @MassiveGat. Got a PS4 player now in this TT.

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I’m attempting it again right now lol. I have a game plan all mapped out, and from what I’ve noticed you’re also a PS4 player

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Haven’t tried Speed kills in TPS, since I have difficulty getting ideal gears. But will do soon.

Have you tried if the PS4 can handle those crazy fire rate buffs?

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Fire rate buffs? I know that my PS4 can handle my gun firing 30,000,000 bullets in a split second since my BAR on TPS is SUPER high after it glitched out and it’s kinda fun to play around with for novelty. As far as I know there was a fire rate cap on console and still is but it’s not like it was on previous gen. From looking around on the forums I think the cap on PS4 is 60 which my extra 208% fire rate might hit in combination with skills, so yeah I’d say it can handle it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: