Time Trials: The Pre-Sequel

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good to know that the console can handle those fire rate like the ones with athena with maelstrom stacks. Haven’t tried it yet since am still on the look out for good glitch hyperion guns.

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@khimerakiller I have a question for you about your Jack run. From the looks of it, it seems that for the large Sentinel form you throw your Singularities at his face perhaps to keep him in place? Because without them he flinches back which really ruins the run for me. I’ve tried that strat but can’t quite get it down 100% of the time. The closest I got to your run time was 2:28. Any tips to help me out? Much appreciated and congrats on holding the top spot for 2 years! :slight_smile:

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I’m not @khimerakiller , of course, but am willing to explain.

  • The singularities were not used for keeping the Empyrean form in place, they are just for freezing him (big form can be frozen) and for the Company Man skill (the latter doesn’t help much, tbh).
  • The animation of the Empyrean form flinching back and covering his face doesn’t happen if you throw LD when his shield/health bar is almost full but not yet activated, so just at the moment his shield/health bar is activated you instantly deplete his shield. It is shown in Wilhelm and Claptrap runs as well.
  • And a little tip for the small form: if you use the LD for it, try to aim the throw at his head, because Tediore throws deal more damage if you aim them closer to the supposed critical hit location, and as you use it instead of IVF you don’t need to throw it at Sentinel’s feet to make the whole split to hit him.

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Faily explained it well, but I used Vladof Cyro grenades to freeze instead of a singularity.

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True, I didn’t notice, right.

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Hmm thanks to both of you guys for helping me out. I think I’m gonna come back when I get that run. In the meantime I’ll be slaving away at it lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it

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this is already a good time. at 30 seconds improvement of your last run.

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Thanks! I’m glad to see improvement on it but I’m not gonna stop until I can get within 5 seconds. I also wanted to ask you something. I’m thinking of going from 0 to OP8 on BL2 and was wondering if you wanted to come along? I was hoping to get a full lobby with 3 other people and we can just play and mess around.

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Would like to, but I am in the other side of the world. I usually play at night so if you are in EST it is your mornings.

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What time is it for you right now? As I write this it’s 8pm

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11 am of the 17th.

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Damn, time zones man RIP. I guess we’ll see in the future.

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Uhh, I’m so blind that I noticed it only now. @MassiveGat ‘s run cannot be accepted to the leaderboard, because it was made not against the raid Sentinel but vs. his normal form, which can be seen if you look at the health bar up top of the screen. I am sorry. Hope you will make a new run soon which will be against the raid Senti, will be faster and will replace this one on the leaderboard. :slight_smile:

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Interesting new forum feature: if you go to the “gear wheel” icon in the editor window there’s an insert date option. Click for the advanced option and you can append \T\Z to the format string to include your current time zone:

May 21, 2018 2:25 PMEurope: Paris, May 21, 2018 5:25 AMAmerica: Los Angeles

Click on the little globe icon in the post, and you can see what time that is in other locations. Have fun with that!

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Oh crap. Well thanks for letting me know. I should get on that. I don’t know how I was so blind either lol

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Also I have a question for y’all. If I’m gonna use the Laser Disker would it also be wise to use the Prismatic Bulwark shield for the extra laser damage? If it applies to the Laser Disker that is, it seems it would be helpful.

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Sadly, all Tediore throw reloads (except for the Avenger, of course) do not receive any gun damage bonuses. So the shield here is just a matter of preference.

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Ahh I see. Dang that sucks. Oh well, guess I’ll stick with the shield of ages then. Thanks for the info :+1:


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