Time Trials: The Pre-Sequel

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That was a very fun watch. Well done!

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or this if video blocked in your country :


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Neither work for me.

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;/ I dunno why this song is blocked in murica. Also 2nd link should work. I’ll try to unblock it.

Edit :

It should be fine now.

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Sorry the Laser Disker can’t spawn in game with luneshine so its technically invalid. Neither can the Kaneda’s Laser. I know its small but its a rule.

All DLC weapons can’t spawn with luneshine, the Excalibastard, most uniques, shift exclusives, ect…

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I don’t have much knowledge of this game but as I know all Legendary can spawn with luneshine. I saw videos like people get Legendarys from grinder with luneshine and one of those was Excalibastard with piercing bonus.

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I know for a fact DLC weapons can’t have luneshine, but I’d be interested in seeing the video with the Excalibastard in the grinder, as it’d let me update my Icebringer build.

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Even Wiki says that after patch 1.02 Excalibastard can have luneshine if it’s from grinder. Also if there is second grinder in DLC then it can make any Legendary with luneshine as well.

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Yes the Excalibastard can be made in the Grinder now, but it can’t be made with a luneshine effect. Just like I can make a Flayer in the grinder, but it can not be made from a “moonstone grind” which is required for the created weapon to potentially have a luneshine effect.

I’m not being an a$$ or anything, it just isn’t possible as far as I know.

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According to Wiki it is possible :

last sentence in link

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And the line above it is partially wrong, but at the same time proves my point a bit. And the last line of the “Luneshine weapon sources” is wrong (with the exception of the Marek’s Mouth).

The wiki isn’t the most reliable source.

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Bewbs…did you get them from the grinder or “manufacture” using certain software.

I have no dog in this discussion…just curious.

I have been hearing about stuff coming from the grinders that did NOT use to come from the grinders and both grinders have always seemed to follow their own rules so to speak.

Just when you think you have them figured out…out pops something that screws your theory.

And just to back up KK…

The Wiki is chock full of misinformation and many times is just plain WRONG.

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I didn’t get them from grinder. But if wiki lies and my items aren’t legit then tell me which source of information is most legit and valuable.

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What can have luneshine

  • All main game legendaries (except the Excalibastard and Longnail)
  • Any normal green, blue, or purple rarity gun
  • The Marek’s Mouth (it’s unique luneshine only)
  • The Ol’ Painful, Boomacorn, The Machine, and Jack-o’-Cannon

What can not have luneshine

  • Any DLC legendary
  • Any DLC unique
  • Any shift exclusive gun (I.E Fast Talker, Company Man, ect…)
  • Any glitch rarity gun
  • The Excalibastard and Longnail
  • Any main game unique (except the Marek’s Mouth, Ol’ Painful, Boomacorn, Jack-o’-Cannon, and The Machine)

*If I am wrong or anything changes feel free to tell me

  • Updated: 4/20/18

Luck cannon with luneshine effect?
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OK but where from did you get all this information about luneshine?

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Don’t sure about this invisible… thingy, so it might be 2:16 or 2:40

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Yeah SpyBugs/Identity Thieves suck, they ended quite a few of my Jack runs. But its an intentional feature so the time is 2:40.

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Never saw legit cryo probe