Time Trials: The Pre-Sequel

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There is nowhere said that it can’t be cryo. Also its Maliwan so how it cannot be cryo if it comes with all other elements as well?

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Infinity in bl2 cannot be with slag and if probe can be with cryo, you can proof it. My expirience and expirience of my friends told me that it cannot be with cryo

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my favorite part of this thread, as someone who can’t record gameplay, is using things here to challenge myself. These benchmarks are fun bars to shoot for.

When editing gear becomes an obvious thing, it actually distracts from some legitimately strong play. Instead of saying, “wow! This player is getting around quickly, positioning great, cycling through targets efficiently, [etc]”, I’m going “melee build with a cryo probe with melee attachment? Convenient. Yank.”

…and I feel like that’s not fair of me. I don’t edit gear. All of my stuff is farmed. I have to admit a bias that favors legit gear, but I also need to remind myself that skill is skill. Farmed gear can’t teach a player to be efficient.

I made this post as food for thought. Building around specific, perfect gear is going to be a thing that gets mentioned.

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I have gotten one a few times during the mission its legit

(bewbs_) #88

Infinity isn’t Maliwan, its Vladof. And by this you dind’t answer my question. You can also also prove it that it can’t be cryo.

I understand why you use farmed gear only, because I was doing the same restriction to myself when I started to play Borderlands games. But when I saw what I can do with perfect gear and have fun with, then I’ve changed my mind.

Now I fully understand why this game received so much hate and disappointment. Too many not considered as 100% facts things, too many restrictions what game gives to it self, not allowing to create even more fun builds. And because all of this I’ll quit TPS, at least for Time Trials.

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How can I prove that?

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I talked it over @bewbs in a PM and I’m fine with the kill. The Probe can spawn as cryo and the original BL2 Time Trials allowed “created” Grog Nozzles before the loot hunt.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to ask me here or PM me.

  • These Time Trials were only created like 5 months ago so that is why the tread is so little. The disappointment in this game was early on and misdirected, and wasn’t because of the TT rules.
  • Yes you need a lot of play time and experience to know what is legit and what isn’t. (And if you are submitting videos that prove you are the best ever in one or a couple aspects of this game you should probably have that anyway.) But you are kinda hypocritical in that regard. The BL2 TT was riddled with silly rules, and a lot of them were unwritten.
  • No Bloodsploding Pete
  • No Infibbershot
  • No element swapping
  • Proof of CA stacking is needed
  • Pre-OP8 no Bee, Norfleet, ect…
  • Ect…
  • Every time before I did a kill I came and asked you questions because I knew this stuff existed, but I didn’t specifically know what they were. Feel free to ask me anything even if you have a slight doubt that it might invalidate a run. So I hope you understand both TTs have a lot of restrictions.
  • I Love that you are doing kills, one of the reasons I’ve slowed down on the videos is because I had no competition for a long while. I really hope you don’t quit just because it seems like we are giving you a hard time. Its all just coincidence and the fact that if I let you break the rules I have to let everyone break the rules.

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Cryo Probe is not a big deal even for TT, I’m just saying that I didn’t see it but some people tells me that it’s legit and anyone can’t do a simple action and screen this. And tell that it can spawn just because it’s Maliwan is not an argument, I trust my own experience more than rules for some weapons given the fact that, for example, some Jakobs weapons can be elemental or Jakobs have a shields or etc.

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So I guess you didn’t try hard enough to make it spawn. But yeah simple screenshot would be nice as solid proof.

I don’t blame TT, I blame the game. TT keeps those games more alive.

I’m not submitting my videos to prove I’m best or not. If I’ll want to do that then I’ll spamming 4-5 almost exact same videos per day. I’m doing this because I have fun with those runs and maybe someone will find them interesting or helpful. And no, I’m not hypocritical, far from it. Because those BL2 TT rules aren’t silly and they are working pretty good. I agree some of them were unwritten because they were on old forums and they was obvious for people who was doing runs when BL2 TT was most alive or some rules came up after TT loose interest. The reason why they aren’t silly is that they prevent from doing boring, repeatable and game breaking things all time. Imagine this : Bloodsplosion on Pete is allowed. Someone will do this. It looks cool at 1st time, but its game breaking, Then someone is doing the same and then another one. So you’ve got 3 exact same kills with milliseconds difference. Sooooo lame and boring. No challenge at all. That comes for all restrictions. And with this TT wjll loose interest even faster. What for create new stuff if already there is overpowered and broken kill?. If it will be allowed then you would’t do your kill. You wouldn’t do something new. Broken kills are fun to watch I must admit it. But for challenge runs/kills they aren’t.

Restrictions are good so the runs wont be broken. It’s your thread and you are settings the rules here for the runs. I’m just showing my own opinion, how to make things more interesting.

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I get what you are saying. But I’ll just say that what I mean by silly is that you allow some of those game breaking things at times and then reject them at others. For example…

  • Not that it is the easiest thing, but B0ring Hyperius is game breaking and the same thing just milliseconds difference. But I can’t do cool stuff like drag bar patrons down and kill Pete the instant he spawns with Bloodsplosion.
  • I can transfer crit and life steal with all characters, but not elements. (Damage transfer on the other hand is really broken and shouldn’t be allowed)
  • It really isn’t all that varied. Its mostly BeeHawk or all Conference Call for Crawmerax or ShamFleet for Gaige ect… Which I’m fine with, they are the best thing out there for a lot of the kills, the same way that the Mongol is the Best for EOS. Just because its a winning formula doesn’t mean you should deny the use of it. There will always be people like @Nemo @bigworm150 and crew that think out side the box and do creative stuff like B0re Terra during a duel or you with your Maya Bar Brawl run. If people can’t look past the numbers and instead get intimidated by them, then I don’t know what to say.

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I think your time was only 10:34, good job.:acmaffirmative:

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Yeah, fixed

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Game stated a little slow because of some bugs and a few (not so good) decisions by GB like no refarmable bosses.

Word of mouth and a few unfriendly or even mediocre reviews hurt.

Perception and I think a mispercetion of a “lack of content” or “you won’t get your money’s worth out of the game.” which is frankly ridiculous.

And expectations were EXCEPTIONALLY high after the great success of BL2.

But GB stuck with the game…continued to fix and improve it and the Claptrap DLC is a triumph…no question…a wonderful addition to the game. And they are STILL sticking with the game…a la Wet Week and The Machine.

Game…in it’s present form…is just downright EXCELLENT!!..IMHO

And guys like KK keep the interest and knowledge base up with wonderful threads like this one!!

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After playing a lot of TPS, this week end I went a bit back playing BDL2. It’s great, no mistake, but it feels a bit “old”, less beautiful , less advanced, etc… compared to TPS. Really!



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Nice! Out of curiosity, why no point into Bitter Riposte?

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I never thought of this til watching this latest time trail. But the mutautor arena would be a great way to farm for xp.


derp, i thought i did it =/

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