Time Trials: The Pre-Sequel

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P.S. Looking at that run of mine I now get it’s really obvious that i was damn nervous attempting it.

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And just one quick question: how would you qualify a Melee Athena run vs the Inv. Sentinel? I’ve done it before off-camera and now want to record it, btw.

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It would still have to compete against gun Athena for now. When I made the Q&A thread about making this one, no one brought up that melee Athena should have a separate category. Plus personally I don’t think it’s viable enough to really be considered as a major part of her, especially for “raids”.

Even in BL2 only Zer0 got a separate category, because he actually has (had) the power to kill raids at a competitive pace. Even Krieg can’t really do anything to raids without Bloodsplosion, but at that point it’s not a melee kill.

But no one has posted a run for that slot but me, so really you could basically get a place by default. And you can also make the video just to make the video. I’ve made plenty that didn’t end up on this thread.

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I will make that video anyway, because it’s hella lot of fun. Just asked out of interest, was really curious about it. Thanks.

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Well, I did improve my time, but this isn’t the one-cycle (which I’m trying to reach, actually). Here it is, and I really did think that Don’t stop me now would fit well).

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Okay, guys, I have an Inv. Sentinel Wilhelm speedkill now, and if I manage to make some more, they will all definetely appear here soon. And yeah, it’s better than the Demonite’s one.

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Its a real shame Wilhelm cant apply Laser Guided on EOS, otherwise he would probably be able to bypass all the phases too (or at least 1 phase).

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I’ve already bypassed one phase during my tries, and if I can get one of the craziest combos of factors I need after the Eclipse dies, then, I believe, I will get that glorious one-cycle I’ve been going for since The moment I started doing things for the Time Trials.

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Hmm I was thinking maybe using an Equalizer Com first with OC and Suppression, then spamming the Mongol (using inventory reloading), swapping to the Howitzer and Disker. Is it possible to get FtF against EOS?

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OC? I’m sorry, don’t recognize what it is. And yeah, the thing is Mongol spam, but without the inventory reloading, ‘cause I don’t like this cheap strat. And I’m pretty positive that FtF works against EOS, because as I noticed, I could bypass one phase when it was active.

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Oh yeah, the Overcharge is an important part, but it’s pretty hard to get your Wolf and Saint fully recharged just after you kill Eclipse. If you want, I can list all the things I’m going for to possibly destroy EOS in one cycle.

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Okay, here is 2:29 Sentinel kill with Wilhelm. Checked it to be legit all in all.

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Btw, maybe today I’m gonna upload one more video here.

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New Wilhelm run. Seems like a solid one. Will try the Holodome Badass Round soon, wait for it, bew_. :smiley:

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And a here’s Chad Harris’ Nisha run vs the mutator arena w/ SHADOW-TP in 5:21. Wandered, how it isn’t on the leaderboard yet.

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Consider this my coming-out. That kill took me a lot of tries and a boatload of nerves. Sadly I wasn’t able to shave off more than three seconds from the Bugworm’s time with my current level of execution, as this skill/gear build has the potential for a bit better result. Still happy I was able to come up with a slightly new way of defeating him.

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Yeah, you were right, it is never too late for threads like this one. And today in a short time I am going to upload a run that is going to seriously challenge one of yours. I’ve already had a very solid try, but it is able to be improved, so if it gets better in a few hours I will upload both versions. :upside_down_face:

By the way, I think it’s safe to say that you are the best Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! player ever. And not only I do think so.

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In the end I decided to upload only the better version, so here it is. Athena vs. The Invincible Sentinel 2:09. Basically, a perfect kill. Don’t really think it can be improved much more, although it may be ignorant of me. Really hope the low-level Storm front isn’t banned from the Time Trials. Enjoy!

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Well, I guess I can redo it using a blue Storm COM, as It would allow me to destroy each of the big form’s phases in a bit of a second.