Time Trials Voting Thread

Ok so we will have a new patch, which will increase level cap. And with it its natural that we need to change Time Trials’ rules and leaderboards. But before we do that, we need to decide WHERE those rules and leaderboards will be set or updated.
Why its important where? Because you guys need to strict and precise with what you want. Same like all runs what we did. You need to be strict and precise to make boss kill or arena run. Otherwise its just chaos. We need a solid core, so we can build things on it with new patch.

So everyone of you, who is interested in Time Trials please vote :

  • Start a new Time Trials and archive old thread
  • Continue on old thread and update the rules

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As far I know, new patch is coming this sunday. So the deadline for this voting will be in next thursday. 1 week from now. So I think it will be enough time figure out this patch and start voting ideas for rules and leaderboards.

Next votings will be about general rules and leaderboards. We grab all ideas and vote for them.

If you are interested in Time Trials, but decide not to vote, then don’t whine later on, that something is unfair and doesn’t suits you. Because community decided what’s the best for Time Trials, not you :stuck_out_tongue:

So happy farming with more skill points and we gonna see the results in next thursday.

PS. You can also start giving ideas for new rulset/leaderboards here.


Following discussion with a couple of the people in the Time Trials community this thread shall be re-opened as the one to officially vote on the New Time Trials leaderboard going forward.

Apologies for any interruptions.

I’d like to see a leaderboard for general mobbing runs. Criteria would be A-B runs, no circular maps with multiple or alternate paths that double back on themselves. Examples could include:

Southpaw Steam and Power
Washburne Refinery
Hatred’s Shadow
Bloodshot Stronghold (ignore the sewers) and Dam
Hero’s Pass

For maps with smaller paths that lead to dead ends, we could discuss rules about whether to clear them or stay on the main track. These could include:

Magnys Lighthouse
Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

Rules about whether to allow things like rocket jumping would come later if, after the current topic, we decide to allow these mobbing runs. At the very least, I’d like to see Southpaw Steam and Power added to arenas.


Yes adding new maps would be really refreshing.

About Rocket Jumping - it would make runs very spectacular for sure. But there are some issues with RJ:

  1. You need very specific parts on Badaboom for best knockback. So console players might be ad disadvantage here.
  2. RJ is pretty inconsistent. You can mess it up easily.
  3. There are some maps with surface that doesn’t give you knockback. Its the same type of surface that doesn’t allow you to strip your shield with chain lightning.
  4. Krieg :smiley: he can’t RJ.

So if RJ would be allowed then probably in different speedrun category.


Fair arguments. I guess we’ll cover that at a later date once the current ruleset is decided.

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Speaking of, curious if there’s a difference in how hight the other VHs can get. Gaige feels like the lightest, but I’ve not actually done A/B comparisons. Something to think about if you do decide to discuss RJs later on, anyway.

every single character has the same knock back other than krieg according to game code

and @bew_

you don’t need good parts for better knockback you need better parts for a higher number of knockback chances per reload maybe faster fire rate/reload as well but honestly any badaboom will work for rocket jumping

You need proper parts to get max possible knockback potential. Maliwan parts increase rocket speed. And you don’t want those because its easy to mess up with jump timing. Bandit sight is slightly decreasing rocket spread.
Yes any badaboom will work for rocket jumping but, RJ with bad badaboom is almost like doing jumps with no grenade mod.

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No posting of code, please and thank you.

sry it wont happen again but i was proving a point of the only part that effects rocket speed on the scope slot is maliwan

Dood I said rocket SPREAD, not speed :smiley:

question is why would spread matter? i read it as speed because spread doesnt matter at all that and you were just talking maliwan parts boosting rocket speed

Spread matter because you can create 1 big explosion instead of few smaller ones. Which gives you more knockback.

its the exact same a tighter spread doesnt make each smaller rocket into 1 you still get 6 or 12 tiny rockets in the blast radius giving you knockback

No, because there are 2 additional factors for the knockback. The angle in which you are shooting and the angle of the surface you shooting. Surface can be flat or you can shoot downhill or uphill. So some of the rockets will hit the ground too late or too far away not giving their boost, if the spread is too wide.

Anyway, enough of this Rocket Jumping for now. First we need to decide if this kind of category will be even in our speedrunning. Then we can give our thoughts and ideas.

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New thread for RJ Knockback. Lol

if we do make this a category we need a list of maps to run for it

List i can think of for maps to run
Bloodshot Ramparts
The Fridge
The Forest * maybe? * not really a great map but an idea
Dragon Keep
The Beatdown
Magnys Lighthouse
Ardorton Station
Southern Shelf-Bay

and move Friendship Gulag to this as well

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