Timed Events vs Level Cap Increase

Unless I’m missing something (a good possibility) Timed Events like “Broken Hearts Day” really don’t work well when GearBox releases level cap increases every 2-3 months.

Awesome weapons such as the “Wedding Invitation” sniper, if you were fortunate enough to get it during the 7-day window, will quickly become under-leveled with no way to get one to match the constant level increases.

Someone tell me if I’m wrong.
Edit: This is in reference to the new level cap increase which was recently announced by GBX.

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did they actually announce something? i am waiting for the show tomorrow

did they actually announce something? i am waiting for the show tomorrow

Yeah, they announced on Twitter another level cap increase. Don’t know when or how many levels but basically it for sure means all the Timed Event loot will be null and void unless there’s away to farm them again I’m unaware of.

Yep, that’s why I didn’t bother with the event. If everything is timed and they plan to release 3 or 4 levels every few months, I don’t see the point in rushing to do any of the events. Yes, a slightly underleveled Wedding Invitation is still a Wedding Invitation, it will be good. But it also won’t be as good, and by the time you hit max well rolled variants of other snipers will start to compete.

Nothing iv seen on Twitter from any GBX sorces or BL3 sorces seems to say 100% yes we are increasing it again within the months. Everything says they are going to talk about the next one tomorrow.

Do you have a link to the post? Maybe a tweet was miss wrote and edited?
Regardless I think “Seasonal” anointments like terror are problematic because of how GBX is leaning more towards a live service update style. Smaller free update and medium sized paid content leading to higher concurrent player activity. Not sure why due to the lack of a store front or some kind of re occurring monetization but hey I’m not complaining about the lack of an in game premium store XD.

Terror also had tons of issue with annoying and unbalanced VFX and SFX making the game visually and auditory un pleasing. I hated being Terrified. It was just ear grading white noise that drove me to avoid the anointments.

Limited time weapons creates a unique balance issue. Do you make them stronger then other normal weapons to make them more attractive or do you balance them at the risk of player saying “Pass”? I have 2 friends who both came back for Bloody Harvest for the weapon skin and new area. I told them about broken hearts and they where both extremely unimpressed.

I don’t know I may have to replace mine with a headsplosion if the damage ends up being too lacking. Hopefully they give us a similar gun with the dlc.

IMO event weapons should scale with the player level like the Contraband Sky Rocket in BL2.

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Quest rewards too, tbh