Timed missions best times

The other day I found out the Catapult Technical has a faster boost than the Sawblade Technical. This prompted me to take it around the Tier 3 Rematch: Death Race course. Since I’ve recently been playing around with FBX Game Recorder, I figured I’d record a couple runs to get a best time.

After that, I was playing through on my assassin, and started the Arms Dealer mission. It’s not hard to beat, but I thought I’d see just how well I could do at the appropriate level. Technically, I’m one level over, but I’m calling it close enough to “at level”. I recorded 42 runs, but you only have to watch the best one. Despite the Catapult Technical being “faster”, it was so inconsistent I just couldn’t get good times with it, so I used the Runner MG for most of my runs.

All my runs are done with no afterburner relics, no teleport skips (other than initially entering the vehicle upon spawning it), and no multiplayer to hit multiple objectives at once. They probably aren’t the best times ever, but I had a difficult time achieving them, so I’m posting them for everyone else in case you’re competitive or curious.

Here’s my best run of Tier 3 Rematch: The Death Race. It uses the Catapult Technical and finishes with 12 seconds on the clock.

Here’s my best run of Arms Dealing. It uses the Runner MG and finishes with 1 minute, 21 seconds on the clock.


Nice. I played that mission long time ago, but at the beginning open the first mailbox, but do not pick up the arm. I think this can give you extra time at the end.

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