Timed/Weekend Events

It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re rushing home to play Battleborn, because this weekend there’s is a special event: an increased chance to get that legendary gear you’ve had your eye on for weeks.

I’m a fan of weekend/timed events in video games. I play alot of Guild Wars 2, and anyone familiar with that game knows about the Living World events that occur every 2 weeks or so. I also enjoyed the weekend events in BL2, like the weekend when Vermivorous had an increased chance to spawn. My friends and I actually got 2 to spawn at once. That was fun… Thank god we had a Gunzerker, otherwise we would’ve run out of ammo pretty quick.

Anyway, with the SHiFT system already in place, Gearbox can upload Battleborn content to players quick and easy. I don’t think it’s a matter of will we see weekend events, it’s what kinds of weekend events will we see.

Questions? Comments?


If this will happen, Battleborn will be so good.


Ohhhhhh yes please! Loved the Holiday events in BL2 + TPS and I love this system in Path of Exile too! Its a great additional challenge for hardcore raidgamers and in most games there are fun challenges for lazy casual gamers as me too :smiley:
So yeah, as @TheFunfighter said: It would be SOOOOO good!

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It would certainly motivate players to come back to content they have played before, if only for the bonuses.

I can get behind this. If it’s anything like the contracts from CS:GO or TF2, I can get behind that. Or the daily events in GW2. Either one works.

Sounds good, definitely be interested in something like this. The loot hunt they held in Borderlands 2 was a great success, maybe something along those lines, a rare item tied to a particular boss, with an increased chance of dropping that item.

Although, escaping the Borderlands comparison, the contracts on TF2 are of interest. Hell, I’d be down for something similar to Destiny’s bounty’s, or challenges.


Wacky game types like what Rito does with LoL would be cool.

ARAM style Battleborn! 10 Montana’s mansforming together must be a truly wondrous sight!

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Give me Nemesis Draft or URF bby ggwp x

They kept me coming back to the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 because they did these for a year after release.

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I would like to see them do things like they did with Borderlands only MORE. Not just with some holidays, but a regular schedule.

Modify in game challenges to make them tougher. Boost the reward from +1XP to +1 Rare Gearpack.

But not just story mode challenges, also for the multiplayer. Have a Caldarius vs Benedict Weekend.

  1. Fun
  2. Balance these heroes
  3. So Rath can smash them out of the air!
  4. Because REASONS!
  • This could also work for Jennerit VS Peacekeeper


sort of events like this will definitely make people stay more active in the game and making all more fun and enjoyable, so I ll definitely promote events like this