Timothy in jacks casino is wrong

Timothy is a strong vault hunter who can open a vault and kill the guardian within by himself , how come he cant find a jakobs shotgun in the casino to nuke pretty boy?

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.


Technically, in the Canon of the games, none of the Vault Hunters did this solo. They were part of their respective teams.

To clarify, if Lil Brick Mort and Ro faced down the guardian, which is clearly the Canon presented in 2, then Tim Aurelia Claptrap Nisha Athena and Wilhelm opened the Elpis Vault together.

The single player aspect is simply a mechanic like the New U respawn system.


Also considering the people Tim had on his team it’s no wonder he is a bit of a coward on his own or with no fancy tech behind him.

Athena, Willhelm, Nisha, Aurelia, between the first 3 they probably had a collective 40ish years of combat experience. Tim had that one week or so he went to open a vault because he was starving XD

@maxeastwood Which presents a weird sort of dissonance between TPS’ gameplay and story/lore, which is what I think the OP was trying to point out (or at least that was how I took the post). Timothy/Jack was, IMO, far and away the MOST powerful of the VHs in TPS. The way Timothy acts in the Handsome Jackpot definitely feels a little . . . off.

So the fact that he is cringing the whole time he is murdering everything within a 2-mile radius during TPS makes the character’s design a little weird. If you listen to Timothy’s gameplay callouts in TPS they are always really awkward and reflect how uncomfortable he is with his actions. That makes for interesting lore, but it makes it seem a little “off” from a gameplay perspective. I believe the industry calls this “ludonarrative dissonance.”


even if he didnt solo it , with the skill tree he have he could have escape the casino without even afraid of debt collector or other type of robot

His skill trees were based on gadgets he had and the money of Jack and Hyperion, correct? None of which seem to be allocated to him for his casino gig.


if timothy partner with all in Allan to stack money is power . im sure timothy is more than capable to escape

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The only thing I could see as being a reason for his strength in TPS is that Jack equipped him to fight. Body doubles, laser tech etc. Whereas to just be a face walking around a casino, I’d imagine Jack would have taken away all the cool gadgets and guns he carried around.

Jack used Timothy for what he needed and for the casino, his need was just to be his handsome mug signing autographs and posing wherever he needed to. If he got killed, no swear - he has more. Whereas when going with the other VHS for the vault, gotta equip him and make him look cool. For publicity sake at least.


I wondered why he didn’t help in combat for that reason, just for story telling, but I figured it was just kaus.

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Borderlands has had a fair number disconnects between the gameplay and its lore. For example in BL2 we are told Maya can’t use Eridium and she has no connection to the vaults. They show in BL2 that she can with the right methods suggesting this echo log was simple justification as to why Maya wasn’t going around Phaselocking raid bosses. Obviously once she became a non player character in BL3 there was no need for that restriction so they simply re worked there established lore to suit the plots needs.

In BL TPS Tim was in a weird place gameplay wise. Lots of people loved Handsom Jack from BL2 and this story was about him aswell. Now how on earth could the team have him as a playable character. Tim’s gameplay is more reflective of Jack as it was supposed to be. His strength and prowess with his tech was ment to give player the idea they where playing as Handsome Jack. It almost seems like it was an accident that so many of use actually liked Timmothy as a character. But ya I think you hit the nail on the head. Tim’s gameplay dose not really reflect the character at heart. However we have seen what happens when they do keep true to a character style via gameplay. Claptrap was fine until they chose to have his effects disrupt other players creating a character that was not well suited for co OP in most cases.

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and more wildly than this thread is, I’ve summarized my thoughts here


Its blurred because they’ve marked it as a spoiler for those who haven’t played the DLC.

The forums have been a great place for people to talk their mind and the developers have been listening and making changes.

Sorry, as much as the game disappointed me story wise, I just don’t agree with your view point. Compared to a lot of developers, they have been listening and making changes.

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Possibly. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Still, you’d think that the guy could do something other than literally no fighting at all. Not everything he did depended on the clones. But I see where you are coming from, and yet it still feels jarring to have Timothy go from being maybe the biggest badass in any BL game to what we see in the Handsome Jackpot DLC.

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Timothy goes from a badass fighter with great weapons and amazing tech, to a casino helper. The idea that he gave most of it up for a cushy job does explain why he lacks his previous power, but there’s still a problem. The winning hand. Timothy uses it to teleport around the casino, open doors and access almost anything he wants (including a room full of weapons and ammo for you). The only thing stopping him from being all-powerful is that Pretty Boy is in the control room and Freddie re-programed the loader bots. He hands you a powerful corrosive SMG, just after meeting you, so he must have been using that until you got there, I assume. He should have been able to handle most of the threats on the casino, even without his former tech, but that depends on how much tech he was using, I suppose.

I mean, he’s badass enough to cut off his own hand to save the casino, so he’s still awesome, even without the tech, clearly.

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There’s a good chance Timothy lost a majority of his combat oriented gear after the Pre-Sequel. After all, now that Jack had the entire army of Hyperion at his disposal he didn’t need Timothy for combat anymore and he also was likely too paranoid to let someone who looked like him and shared a part of his DNA have special gear. I suspect there’s a reason why Jack locked him up in the Casino with a bomb preventing him from ever leaving.


Maybe he just forgot to spec into Inspire?


LOL, this entire topic I was thinking to myself, clearly he was not specced into AA in this DLC. :rofl:

EDIT: And also his Flayer or Gatling Gun - where are they?!?


Time to add a little tin foil to this:

Under the assumption that we’re now supposed to see the events of TPS as the 6 traveling through that story as a unit, we can add the concept that Jack took the other five aside and said

“Look, I need to look good out there. If you make that idiot in a me suit look like a supreme badass, you know, let the dumdum with my face kill allllll the…whatevers you deal with, you’ll allll get turbo mansions on…other…bigger…turbo mansions. Ya got me? Now go make me look good, kiddos”

he is a pretty hefty VH on the TPS team, but he is on the Casino as a sort of vacation reward for helping Jack, I don’t think he went there prepared for it to get locked down, so probably a bit lacking in the gadgets that he uses in TPS, and his Jack mask is a bomb that will detonate if he leaves during the lockdown without authorization codes.

What if the Jack DNA actually did in part give Tim the twitch reflexes and fighting abilities? Perhaps without ongoing infusions he lost some of that. I don’t have all the lines in front of me but many TPS Tim callouts were very very Jack-like (which I get was part of the point in TPS).

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