Timothy Master Build List

There are some rules before your build can be accepted

  1. Use the proper format (Which will be given below)
  2. You must have a proper formatted thread
  3. Your Build must either have A) 5 Likes or B) Be recommended by another member of the community


[B]Manufacturer:[/B] (Name of Manu.)
[B]Type:[/B] (DPS, Healing, Survival/Support, Other)
[B]Name and Link:[/B] (Must have a write up)
[B]Level of Build:[/B]
[B]Difficulty Level:[/B] Low, Medium or High
Just because a Build is categorized as "Pure DPS" does not mean that it is ONLY a DPS build. It is based on what their primary function is.

All builds are property of their original creators.

Get your Build added!

You MUST have a thread or Google document dedicated to your build.
This isn’t optional. I will no longer be responding to people who can’t seem to grasp this simple concept.
If you’re too lazy to read this OP in its entirety to figure out how to get your build added and post a skill calculator link. Don’t expect a response.
PMing me wont get you any where either, any PM sent asking why your skill calculator link hasn’t been added will be ignored.
If you’ve made it this far, you’re awesome! But please, bear with me a little longer and follow these simple steps on suggesting a build for the list:

*Step 1: A link to YOUR dedicated thread or write up on your build.
This can be a thread here on the forums, a Deviant Art write up, or a Google document write up.
If there is a physical page on the internet some where with a write up of your build, you’re good.
(Please see the very last section in this post on tips and tricks for a build write up)

*Step 2: Your Builds Name.
If you haven’t come up with a name yet, it’s O.K. This is optional.

*Step 3: What type of build is this?
Is it pure DPS?
Is it a boss farming build or one for a specific boss fight?
Take a look at the different categories and pick which one best describes your build.
What level is it for 50? 61? for leveling?

*Step 4: If you’ve made it to this step,CONGRATULATIONS!
No really, Thank you for reading this far.

Tips and Tricks for an AWESOME build write up
Here are a few key things to have on your dedicated page, thread or document for your build.

  • Have either a screen shot or a link to a skill calculator with the build set up
  • Describe what the build is intended for
  • If your build requires or is dependent on a certain gear set up, list needed gear items, and if you can how to acquire said items.
  • Be descriptive. The more information you provide about your build, the better. Describe why you’ve chosen the skills you have, why the gear or weapons you have listed are a ‘Must Have’,
    Even videos of the build in action. Anything helps people make a better informed decision on your build and if it’s something they might like to try.

Extra filler stuff at the bottom of the page

Type of build Max DPS, Digi-Jack altruism
Name $$ is the root of all evil
Level 60
Difficulty Very low