Tina Wonderland ShiftID not the same as BL3

How do you link shift acct for BL3 and other games to WL?

What you’re actually linking is your platform ID (XBox GT, PSN, Steam account, etc.) to SHIFT - that link should be the same regardless of which GBX SHIFT-enabled game you are playing.

If you’re getting errors in TTW trying to connect from the same account that works for BL3, that’s likely a different issue and your best bet would be to open a support ticket.

Thanks! I double checked my shift ID number that is linked to BL3 and they are not the same one showing up under the Social menu in wonderlands so I am not sure if the SHIFT ID number is just my acct for that game it is not very clear. I opened a support ticket on this.

I think you’re referring to the SHIFT Support ID? I believe that might be different for different games. But it’s not what you sign in with - it’s only used if you’re filing a support ticket that requires one. Mostly, it’s based on single-sign on tied to a specific email address.

I keep trying to link my shift in Wonderlands.

I do the steps as shown in wonderlands…exactly.

I get a message: This SHiFT account has the same first party account type linked. and the game does nothing…nor does shift.

After a few more attempts…I get this:
Rate Limit: Too many link attempts. Your account has been temporarily locked out of linking.

Bottom line is shift within wonderlands does not link up.

What the heck???

I have the exact same problem i think. I have created a trouble ticket but am dealing with Jaya S, who apparently is a bot, and doesn’t read the emails. They are asking me to submit a video but i have been having problems learning how to record the video so i submitted screenshots. In addition i have a webpage pop up whenever i play the game, then i link to epicgames… or it will not sign in. I own the other bl games on steam except bl3 which i own on epic and steam… Super frustrating… Hoping some solution found…

Is that 2K support? You could try using this link, and use SHIFT as the game and issue:


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Their have been problems with the wonderlands games disconnecting / connecting from shift that was resolved this week. https://twitter.com/SHiFTstatus hopefully these are related.

When logging into SHiFT, I cannot associate my Sony Entertainment Network account to my SHiFT account. It states it is associated with another account, but for the life of me I do not believe I have another SHiFT account. I have already submitted multiple support tickets. Anyone ever run into this?

I’ve heard of it happening before, unfortunately. There seems to be a bug right now with TTW where the SHIFT servers are throwing errors and the game is reporting this as best it can, typically as a “this SHIFT account is already in use” or something similar.

You can also run into the situation when logging in directly to the SHIFT web site to link your platform account(s) there where it indicates an association with another account. That would be if a person had created then lost the login for a SHIFT account and created a new one. Another time this can happen is if someone had entered their email incorrectly or originally used a fake email (back when SHIFT launched with the original BL3) in order to avoid spam.

The final scenario would be if your SHIFT ID had been linked to someone else’s PSN. That shouldn’t happen, but it’s possible if either the PSN or associated email had been hacked or had the password leaked in the past. A lot of Yahoo emails and passwords are vulnerable that way, for example. You can check if any of your emails are at risk here.

This sort of thing is really hard to diagnose via text, unfortunately, and really needs someone with access to the actual account information, which would be GBX in the case of SHIFT.

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So, just in case this happens to anyone else, I was able to solve this problem.

I do not know if this will work for other platforms, but it worked on my PS4. I had to open the PS4 web browser, and do a google search for SHiFT. (It did not work when I typed the shift url directly) Followed the link to the website and tried to associate my Sony account. Once I input UN and PW, it prompted stating it found multiple accounts and asked which one I would like to use. Apparently SHiFT was associated to a really old email that had been closed. Simple recovery.