Tinder the snowman help!

for some reason im only getting level 15 drops from him and the chests on the train… anyone know why?

It is because you are still in normal mode.

In normal, and true he doesn’t scale up untill you are done with the story (at least in true, not sure about normal).
When you are in UVHM you will be able to farm him whenever you want and the loot will always scale to your level.

My tip is to not bother farming in normal and true. Everything you get from missions and randomly pick up will be more then enough. And if that isn’t enough theres always golden keys.

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In normal, all the maps are level-locked except where there’s a change due to the main story mission sequence. They don’t even level up after completing the main story! In TVHM, the maps level up after main story completion. Max level for DLCs 1 and 2 is 30; I think DLCs 3 and 4 can go to 35. The HH packs have a minimum level but, once you travel to one, it’s locked from then on.

Yep. I only hit the HH packs post story for this reason.

thanks man, just got to TVHM.