Tinfoil hats on - re the footage for upcoming dlc

probably reading too much into this but it is niggling me a bit…

new leg moze mod drops, the player looks at it.

new leg fl4k mod drops, the player looks at it.

new (presumably) leg zane mod drops, player avoids looking at it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

possibly means nothing, possibly means the new mod will be a god mod, possibly means i am just crazy. who knows lol

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New mod: Whenever an enemy gets frozen, Zane get increased damage. This effect stacks.

That is my deduction.

Do you have a link to what you are referencing?

at 6 minute, 50 second mark, although now i look at the colour, it does seem similar to a current one :smirk:

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This should cover it.

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Thanks to both of you.

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well considering the skill tree, annointments and coms so far:

whenever zane has no shields, barrier is active and he kills a frozen enemy
he will trigger a 100 damage flat mini cryo nova on the next target hit. (no scaling)

well i imagine given the green monster and st4kbot mods that we have seen have a cumulative damage theme that this one will follow suit in some way.

Just an FYI, in the Moze section we have seen a few things regarding the new COM for Moze. A skill, Click Click, was a 5 point skill, rather than the current 3 points. Another skill Thin Red Line was a 1 point skill, rather than the current 3 points. There also was no effect of “reserving” health as the health bar was full. Their level was also too low to get 5 points into Click Click currently in the tree.

So this means Moze might have gotten some big changes. BUT, they have also said this was a test build. If what we she be comes reality, then it might also mean big changes for the other Vault Hunters.

But again test build, so we’ll see.

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