Tinks that jump out of chests/toilets/dryers/lockers/etc

What happened to that? It seemed like a pretty funny mechanic from the previous games. I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen it so far.

I thought Mayhem modes would make it happen a lot more. TBH, I thought Loot Tinks would be the tinks that jump out of containers. Are they saving this for an event?


I think I’ve seen it happen, just in a few select places that I can’t particularly remember. I agree, it should be just a tad bit more often. Keeps players on their toes.

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I miss it, meant you were on edge with every single loot able open lol.

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It does happen, but it’s quite rare. Other things can jump out though - I had a retch leap out of one container, making that awful noise. Quite the jump scare as it was the last thing I was expecting at the time.

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I definitely miss it… I actually used the UCP in BL2 to make them way more common because I liked rolling the dice every time I opened a chest (not for the loot, but for the, ‘no prob, I’m not prepared at the moment, but one probably won’t jump out now, and wouldn’t you know here’s one in my face with all my stuff on cooldown and I’m in serious trouble’. :laughing:


Thus far I’ve had a couple goliaths squeeze their way out of larger containers. Otherwise there’s one pretty reliable tink in one of the Jakobs mansion levels. Haven’t yet received any interesting drops from any of them though.

What bothers me is the fact that after heavy parkour and exploration you find a toilet that drops $5 when its supposed to be rewarding due to the fact that you took the time to explore and find the way to get up there.

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I think its only from specific containers. The times I recall having things pop out of the container like a ratch or tink are always the same one.


Yeah, there’s that one Goliath on the Cathedral map that always crawls out of the refrigerator… love setting traps there for him.

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Now you mention it, pretty sure the retch is in the exact same spot as it’s tied to the side quest story progression. Which is a bit disappointing tbh.

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that retch ate a NVHM one pump chump on reaction. it was silly.

Yeah I miss those jump scares. :wink: Loot tinks are kinda more like the new chubbies/tubbies (even though there are chubbies in the game) in that they spawn along the other mobs instead of having to be freed from a container of some sort.

And speaking of those actual chubbies, I was hoping they would get a special loot pool of their own, but it looks like they just drop a lot of higher-quality loot (with a chance of a legendary because of all those loot rolls), but with no guaranteed drop like their cousins have in BL2.

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I miss that too.
I remember it started happening alot in UVHM, and not always at the best time…

There are a coupe of chests I know but it is usually a creature like a Ratch that does it. Not random and not the same fun it was in BL2.

It’s super disappointing that they didn’t keep Loot Midgets in the game. Was such a massive fan favourite. Not sure why they binned them. Loot Tinks are so easy to miss in all the mayhem. In some ways i think they just created a new game with similarities instead of a continuation which is what most of the community would have expected. Even Tubbies are just an appearance instead of genuine farmable sources. Heyho…

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If you look around there is also still wanted posters of Jimmy Jenkins the wee loader on notice boards and stuff.


Yeah among the things I was really keeping my fingers crossed for BL3 were tubbies and LLMs. Fan favorites for sure like you said. Loot tinks scratch that “omg there it is, kill it kill it kill it loot loot!” itch but I’m bummed about the chubbies in the game. It could be a really really easy fix: just do them similarly like they did in BL2: make a legendary class mod a guaranteed drop. :smiley: (Should make that a petition or something…)


In BL2, wasn’t it only in the OP levels (or just UVHM… can’t remember) where tubby enemies got this dedicated loot pool (or it was added after the fact)? They may still go there if more difficulty levels are added.

Right, if you were level 61+ they would start to drop the legendary COMs (and a chance for pearls that increased as your OP level increased. Pearls. Hmmm. Perhaps a future addition to BL3 as well? :slight_smile: )

Before that level, they still had a pool (which persists into UVHM/OP) that included the Bunny, WTF, Cracked Sash, and skins for the characters. You know, I honestly can’t remember if one of those would be a guaranteed drop, say in NVHM. But I do remember my first encounter with a chubby in BL2 was in NVHM and it dropped a Bunny, which I promptly killed myself with. :wink:

Along these lines, dropping legendary COMs in BL3 normal mode would probably be “too soon”. My first encounter with a chubby in BL3 was early on, during the hot dog chef’s side mission. I don’t think I was even capable of equipping a COM at that point.

The Loot Tinks are hiding

DLC appears to have brought back badass mini loaders randomly popping out of containers. Wonder if there is a Jimmy Jenkins rare spawn.