Tiny tina assult on dragon keep

a wonderlands one -shot adventure, stand-alone just got today on epic.Whoo hoo


Free on epic only. Everyone else has to pay. And from what I gathered all it is, is a new head skin per vault hunter and rainbow chests but you cant just buy the upgrades. You have to buy the DLC anew. $14 CAD. This kind of greed is making me question the purchase of Wonderlands all together, even on steam.

Edit: I see, it’s a standalone mini game rebalanced to be played on its own, away from the rest of BL2. I dont know. Still seems like a cash grab that could’ve been a better promotional material for Wonderlands if added for free to existing BL2. They did that with Fight for Sanc, even if only temporarily free .

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moxsy vid hope it works

Wait, what is this? I bought BL3 on release on PC, play PC on a beast of a machine so I’m not that hurt by the epic launcher.
This is for bl3? I’m so confused. What the heck is this?

Got it, DLC 4 as a standalone game from BL2.
They released the GOTY edition of bl1 and 2 for free on epic during christmas time I think.
Oh well.

This is for BL2. The only audience I can think of for this are people who dont yet own BL2 or the handsome collection.


first saw this and thought “awsome TTAODK in BL3” then read stand allone… some new items…

i get it would be so much work to get this to run in BL3… but it probably is the only chance most people would actualy bother.

i got in because it’s free… but haven’t played borderlands for months… BL3 just killed the fun for me :frowning: BL2 is still a great game but because of BL3 feels dated and so this stand allone will probably also feel dated (and BL3 is boring AF)

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Free on epic only , 10 bucks for every platform seems a cash grab to me , if you don’t care about money why it is not free for everyone or at least for all BL3 player ? Oh wait … BL3 doesn’t exist anymore

For me it’s like a big publicity the sell the next game coming and if we can make a little bit more money with the same DLC release about 10 years ago , it doesn’t feels right


What about this part (from description here Assault on Dragon's Keep ):


Vanquish any villains who get in your way using a huge assortment of souped-up firearms, all while firing Lightning Bolts and Fireballs from your fingertips with spellcast-style grenade mods!

This sounds like new thing, no? Preview of cast ability in Wonderlands?

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Yeah, that does sound cool. Still though - the only reason I can think of to make this a standalone DLC for purchase, instead of updating existing accounts, is to farm whales. Makes sense financially but after DLCs 5 and 6, it feels like GBX is favouring this approach more and more. Which naturally, pushes non-whale players away.

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More likely an Epic grab? As in, this is yet another way of Epic trying to boost it’s store/platform much like the exclusive launch of BL3 (and many other titles) on PC with Steam getting a look 6 months (and as much as a year) later? It would not surprise me in the least if the “free on Epic” was because Epic made it free and ate the cost.

Hmm… wonder if it will show up under Game Pass any time soon?


Describes two of the three grenade types that released in the dlc along with the magic missile


You are probably right. Oh well…

If you think $10 for a standalone DLC-length feature is a cash grab (and you presumably don’t use Epic), don’t buy it.

Personally, I think releasing it on what is presumably the dominant platform for BL3 (given it was the launch platform, and exclusive for six months) for free is kinda a sign that it’s not a cash grab, but hey.


I take it as a way to get non-BL2 players (due to age or no interest) to get introduced to the precursor to Epic’s upcoming PC exclusive AAA release.

How many Fortnite players are young enough to have never played or been interested in playing a game from 2012 aka 9 years ago?

How many might have been too young to “get” TTAODK then, but might now?

But… How many people aren’t going to get any of the in-game BL references with this game pulled out of context?

I take it as a marketing decision and existing owners of the DLC who suffer from FOMO are going to take an L on this one.

If it’s only new cosmetics and a variation on the Golden Chest, will the Seraph vendor be removed as a trade off?



They release a standalone version of a 10 years old DLC and make it an Epic exclusive (on PC) - This is so dumb it sounds like an April fools joke.

You can probably get the whole Handsome Collection for the same price anyway but whatever…

Yeah, cash grab is putting it lightly. Would have been interested in the head customizations but from the sound of it these are only usable in the standalone version? And TTaoDK isn‘t my favourite DLC by a long shot so… Gearbox you do you but if this was supposed the make me want to buy Wonderlands… yeah it kinda has the opposite effect :smiley:

Also on the part that every legendary gun can drop, well duh! Just like in the original, it wouldn‘t make sense otherwise seeing as by that logic nothing besides the few new DLC gear could drop meaning you would only have like 10 guns because 99,99% of all items would be unavailable.


Not to mention bugs right off the bat. Since I’m on PC I’m privileged to a free version. Just booted up Gaige and her anarchy stacks are not registering some kills. Wonder what other bugs there are. Also, they put time to make new Marcus intro but couldn’t be bothered to introduce skip button.

Correction: either it glitched the first time or you need to let the intro play once and afterwards, with other chars you can skip it.


WOW, so our take away is cash grab… got it. I’ll remember to include “cash grab” in all of my future posts.

Like, it’s really cool the way they rebalanced the game so you can start right out or that you get +2 skill points on every level up. Oh, whoops…. Cash grab

Edit: just as in many other BL games, after you watch the video once you can skip it…. Cash grab

Don’t worry, I’ll get it, just got to stick to the talking points… cash grab


It’s actually pretty cool, I’m playing it right now. Seraph crystals are common drops, and there is new gear. I wonder how end-game will look like with different level cap.

Aaaand you get this for free.


Have to agree with this after rushing through the DLC.

Haven’t played BL2 in over a year now, and while it’s still a pretty good game and I apreciate a lot of the changes they did with this standalone version to make it a better experience overall (you start at lvl 1, get your action skill at lvl 2, get 2 skill points per level, some new quests like a reused Face Mcshooty…), the lack of QoL improvements (like teleporting from everywhere and picking up your ammo on the spot), the amazing gun design, movement options from sliding and mantling…basically the moment to moment gameplay doesn’t feel nowhere near as good as BL3.

Also, I’m gonna go out and say it, some of the boss fights in this DLC are pretty bad. Yeah, Handsome Sorceror is still great, but Four Kings and Handsome Dragon are awful (not Badassasaurus level bad, but still).

I mean, I got it for free on Epic, so I’m not gonna complain much, but…yeah, I think I would rather play BL3 until Wonderlands comes out. Hopefully Gearbox remakes the older games in 3’s (or BL4’s) engine in the future.