Tiny tina assult on dragon keep

tbf, the skellychest was a bit cr*p, the lootapult was far better…

Their reason for isolating it is in the game’s subtitle.

Then pay $15 for it, not like you can get the whole game as a much better deal for that price anyways.

Its base price is $10, so why would I pay $15 for it?? I gave that response to illustrate the fact that they only did it because Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is coming out not too far from now. If the upcoming game had a pirate theme, we’d probably see Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty instead.

It’s base price is 13.99.
My point was this was bad PR. I don’t like how they spoil borderlands 1 and 2 in the first 3 minutes if you haven’t played them before the one shot. And I don’t like how they released BL1 and BL2 for free on the epic games store and still, to this day, charge $40 on steam when not on sale.
But when it is on sale, BL2 GOTY is about $10.
I understand why they did it. I don’t like it.

Like instead of just having a promotional sale event on all the borderlands games, they devoted time and resources to make DLC 4 a standalone game when Borderlands 3 still has issues people on this forum have been talking about for checks watch
3 years now.


I dont remember the loot catapult…?

It wasn’t in the original BL2 DLC; it was created specifically for the TTAoDK One Shot Adventure.

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Started a new Sal and as recommended here I’ve been power leveling him to be able to get max level gear in the end. Perhaps it’s just bad RNG luck but I burnt 500 ridrock on the Flamerock catapult the other day. First time I’d used it. Got nothing but skins and heads, not a single piece of gear. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:
But, now that I’ve griped about it, it may start dropping weapons. Seems to work that way sometimes with RNG. :crossed_fingers: If not, I’ll try the one in the mines.
Had a lot of fun with a Hide of Terramorphous that I put on him. Everytime something attacked him it got crispy fried. Sometimes it was more fun to just run at the enemies rather than shoot them.

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But again, you understand why, right? It’s to promote Wonderlands.

That’s how business works unfortunately. I’ll be the first person to criticise “why does everything have to turn a profit”, but everything does. Asking them not to do that is to ask them to bleed money, which ends up with us getting (even) less stuff.

So basically the logic is Wonderlands will make money, or at the very least will make more money than BL3 is doing anymore. Therefore, they promote Wonderlands. That’s all there is to it.


Yeah, I know the only reason anyone does anything now a days is for money.
I don’t understand how a standalone one shot would net them more money than putting all previous titles on sale, though, factoring in the dev time.

I did something similar a long time ago with Maya, running over-levelled through maps to find vault symbols and such. Cloud kill just dissolved everything…


My guess is a combination of:

  • It’s tuned differently and works without investment in the entire BL2 experience.
  • Everyone who wants the entirety of BL2 on sale is likely to already have it.

While the second demographic are therefore less likely to want to fork out for TTAoDK (bearing in mind the original promotion was free on Epic - which is likely the bulk of the promotion for Wonderlands - also launching on Epic), they’re also more likely to try the one-shot than buy BL2 again (because they already have it).

This is all complete speculation by the by.

Let’s also not forget Epic’s habit of throwing money at studios and publishers in order to get any kind of boost to their platform’s user base. I’m quite sure that figured into the One Shot somewhere along the line.


I’m working my way through dragon’s keep for my very first time playing any of the Borderlands as Kreig.
First admission is this is not my style of conflict. In my world two things strategically work. Precision weaponry (or large scale battlefield weapons) and standoff locations. This strategy has served me well in life and through BL2. I was forced by changes in the game dynamics of BL3 to forgo the long range standoff position for a more direct assault type aggression. I learned to tolerate it. Kreig is a way off pist attempt, and at least up front I’m not enjoying it, but I’m planning on getting through this short game. All that said, I’m playing this alone. Another first and uncomfortable position for me. I like having minions to send to the slaughter as I sit back popping off select targets at near over the horizon distances. Up close in your face is tough for me. Additionally I’m noticing some differences in this series. First, since I’m meticulously going through each location sweeping up ammo and cash, I’m finding some of the new additions to the stand alone. Like crazy earls and the seraph crystal guy I first noticed at Oasis. I’m not good enough at this even though I’ve played for years. Until this stand alone I never got a single seraph crystal, now I have 5 which I guess I got for Mr. Bony pants guy? So here’s question one, where do these crystals drop and can I actually get enough to purchase anything in the game? The stuff started out at 120 crystals, farming bony pants seems useless, that would be like 24 farms to get anything.
Second I see that eridium should be available for upgraded ammo etc. But none yet. So the question is where?
I am playing the game on another character co-op and sort of stumbled on the loot catapult. (3) is there only the one?
Lastly (4) what other fun things have been hidden along the way that are new to this version?

You are correct. I used to be against anything 3rd party. I’ve since changed that view. I actually am playing the Redux version right now. I love having Pearls in the game. Which is exactly why I decided to give the Redux a good run through. I’m about to finish the story line on a reset full redux playthrough. I’ll be hitting the DLC’s after the main campaign. And the new rarity(red) contraband, I haven’t even seen one yet. Love how rare it is. its like the original borderland pearls. super ultra rare. :heart_eyes:

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Just like your baby steaks?! :blgroup:

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LMAO. That was funny. Thanks VH!

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