Tiny tina assult on dragon keep

Seems like mostly a low-cost, promotional gimmick for Wonderlands to me. If I had Epic I would download it for free and play, just to see the minor changes. But I don’t. If it was rebuilt in the BL3 engine, I would spend the $10 to get it on Steam and play to re-experience the original story with up to date mechanics. But they didn’t. Missed opportunity there, I would say. What better way to hype people for the new Wonderlands than to rebuild the proven campaign in the BL3 engine and introduce the new Wonderlands mechanics?

In any event, if the intent was to get all the old BL2 players interested in Wonderlands, GBX should have released this one shot for free for anyone who already has TTAODK. As it stands, I see no added value worth the money they are asking so I have no intention of purchasing it. At best, this release might prompt me to fire up BL2 and replay TTAODK again. But even then not likely anytime soon. Maybe when Wonderlands is almost ready to launch (or more to the point, when Wonderlands is on sale). But for now, I am looking forward to the 10th Anniversary Skyrim Edition in two days. That I am willing to pay money for. In the meantime, I am (re)playing Fallout 4 and having a blast (sometimes literally).


Why do I get this whitish overlay when i try to start the game? Am i missing a component to run Epic launcher properly? It freezes the game and I have to force quit it.

Wonder why would I buy this on PS4 when the Handsome Collection is cheaper in the november sale. Even the Fight for Sanctuary came out free to hype for BL3, and it was new content. If we are paying for new heads, at least give us Headhunter price lol

Anyway, I would download and play it for free but since I cant guess I am going to keep waiting for Wonderlands.


It’s just the facts that , you can get the Handsome collection for the same price why should i buy this stand alone ? just because we can lvl up fast and get my action skill at lvl 2 ? you should not be able to sell the same thing with few minor change 10 years later

Make it for free for every platform like Sanctuary DLC , why 10 bucks , did anyone ask to get this stand alone ? no they just want to get more cash and player base for the next game , if it was the same DLC but made in BL3 , i’ll say " ok this is cool "


I suspect you’re right here. Epic offers up free games for a limited time on a somewhat regular basis from what I’ve seen (I’ve nabbed a few freebies myself through Epic) so I also wouldn’t be surprised they decided to make this one of their limited-time freebies as a loss leader.


Let’s not forget in all of this that GBX is still falsely advertising (to my knowledge unless something has changed in the last year) that the UVHM 2 DLC contains the OP levels when you need to purchase the FFS DLC (for those who didn’t DL in the month it was free) to access them…


Just downloaded it (cuz I’ll buy any borderlands stuff) and there are definitely some differences even before I get to Flamerock.

Like, I was running away from Mr. Boney pants to try and find ammo (I haven’t run out of ammo in BL2 for 9 years, weird feeling) and Mr. B.P. started battling the other skeletons! In fact, I didn’t get the XP for killing him, one of the skeletons did so. I certainly never saw that before.

And obviously some of the voices are re-recorded. Maya, for example, is saying the same things and the voice actor is the same, but she’s re-recorded her lines.

Kinda fun though. Never went into TTAoDK with such basic weapons.

And a pixie just dropped me a lvl 5 magic missile :slight_smile:


I’m wondering how melee Krieg works in this game. IIRC his melee stat is tied to his level and he needs to be either lvl 11 or 12 to do normal damage and somewhere past lvl 40 to be able to do more than weapons that give you +50% melee damage. Not a dealbreaker for that build yet, but just curious with the level cap being 35.


I just ran Krieg until lvl 15. Since you get 2 skill points per level at 15 you can have a maxed out tree. The new slag, fire and shock grenades start dropping pretty early though so it’s not too bad.


This is a baffling release. And on Epic, they already gave away the Handsome Collection some time ago.

Re-released in the BL3 engine,
Allowing us to use BL3 characters,
or even introducing some of Wonderlands spells.

Any one of those (unavailable) options would have made this a worthwhile download or even purchase.

As it stands. For the vast, vast majority of us, this is useless as any kind of introduction or enticement for Wonderlands.


If you have TTAoDK as a BL2 DLC and aren’t interested in the changes, then you’re not going to buy it. Perfectly reasonable. However, if you come to it as someone who’s not played Borderlands 2, is it worth $10/£7.99?

You get a complete microcosm of a Borderlands game. It’s everything that made BL2 great but in a small package. You get six different characters to try. The increased progression rate means you get enough skill points to experiment with different builds. The campaign is great quality, from the point of view of graphics, story, humour and gameplay. When you compare the campaign length to some of the “games as a service” offerings out there, it’s not bad. You get a NG+ (TVHM) that is actually more challenging (BL3 please note). I’m not a boss fight afficianado but they seem fine to me. You get access to Seraph gear without the slog. And you get the Magic Slaughter, which I rate as the best of the Borderlands’ Circles of Slaughter.

Have a flick through the Steam/Epic store and see what else you can get, of this quality, for the same price. If I was a newcomer to the Borderlands franchise, I reckon I’d get my money’s worth easily. And, perhaps, it’s newcomers that GBX are aiming this at.

I got it for free on Epic and I’m having fun with it. I normally do the BL2 DLCs at UVHM so starting at L1 is a new, rather refreshing, experience :slight_smile:


I’ll cover for Greybeard…. Cash grab



And this, I think, is the real point. This stand-alone is not really aimed at those who’ve played BL1, BL2, TPS, (possibly Tales) and BL3. Just as there were many people who entered the franchise with BL2, so with the other games.

Plus, TTAoDK and the new game releasing in the spring, while Borderlands-based, are still quite different to the rest of the games. So this gives someone who might not have been interested in Borderlands’ RPG-FPS style a chance to see what that looks like in a fantasy setting without plunking down the cost of the full game. As a marketing move, it kinda makes sense.


Radical thought: maybe it’s not for you?

Regardless of you speaking for any non-existent majority, of course. Maybe Gearbox are looking to get people who aren’t already invested in (or burned out on) the franchise?

Nevermind, the much better posts above me already cover this!

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I mean they sell the GOTY edition of BL2 for $10 all the time…
I guess this will go on sale for $2 then?


What sounds more appealing to onboard a theoretical new fan?

Insisting they play an entire game and all of its DLC (or at the very least, one of them), or suggesting a specifically-crafted DLC that stands by itself and also serves as a direct thematic intro to the new game due out next year?

This isn’t a gotcha, I fully expect some folks to say “play all of Borderlands 2”. It’s one of my most-played games. But given the choice, as a new player, I’d take the One-Shot.

(also, it’s free on EGS, so the repeated raising of the price only matters for those who also choose to not use EGS)


It’s only free til the 16th, then it goes to $10 as well

Sure? I mean that was like the coda to my post, but hey.

Steam prices below

Tiny Tiny Dragon Keep Standalone price:

(Price for Dragon Keep DLC from Borderlands 2/Handsome collection)

So far not looking good for Reviews:


There’s also a slightly subtle effort going on in these two releases (the stand alone TTAoDK and the new full Tina Wonderlands game), and that’s to truly spin off a game series that’s different than the Borderlands franchise.
To me it seems like Gearbox, who’s only real success has been Borderlands, needs another. So they’ve created the “Wonderlands” brand and “seeded” it with BL starter content, with plans to branch this brand out more completely.

Hence the emphasis on “Wonderlands” and a “Wonderlands one-shot adventure”. Goes even further, inside this lil one-shot they’ve changed the in-game save icon from a vault symbol to a stylized “W”, new brand, new identity.