Tiny tina assult on dragon keep

Oh, and it’s kinda weird to get CloudKill at level 7, kinda makes normal mode even less challenging than usual.


Yeah steam reviews bombing rn haha

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Playing on Epic for free - it’s super weird to be in that map without being at max level. Heck, it’s weird to be anywhere in the BL2 universe not at max level anymore. Fun to hit it anew though, because I know which side quests to get, which to skip, where the hidden stuff is, etc. Earl in Flamerock Refuge? Marcus walking around? Claptrap Stash? Even just watching the game do the environmental pan while in the menu from Flamerock Refuge instead of the Highlands is weird. (Side question: this was a wonderful way to see how video settings changed the way the game looked and behaved literally as you changed them… why on earth did they go away from that in BL3?)

Also, watching the Golems and Skeletons slug it out where they actually damage/kill each other is neat - in the OP levels, it’s actually fairly difficult to get a Rock God. Here that guy leveled up almost every two hits… ran all over the map and made several of these guys. :laughing:


Until you do Mr Torgue’s mission :wink:

A difference?

Now, in the Mines of Avarice right after you talk to Clappy and fight the rock golems, there is a catapult up on a peak. It holds a red chest. For 10 eridium you launch the chest and it breaks open over there <<---- .
I do not recall this being in the original DLC. Am I wrong and just missed it all these years? I think it’s new.


I’ve got to say, I can empathise with folks looking for even minor bug fixes, but considering I can’t see it anywhere on the front page of Steam in my region (without going into submenus, etc) . . . it’s pretty obvious this is being review bombed, rather than fairly reviewed.


BL2 DLC5 also looks like it got review-bombed on Steam.

My word do all games (esp BL3) need this on console!

A skip any mission dialogue button should activate as soon as a player resets a playthrough…

I’m leaning towards agreeing with you on this.

The three big fights at the beginning, the Duke of Orc, Warlord Turge, and the 4 Kings, which you get to at between lvl 6-9 in this version of the game, will be very tough for someone unfamiliar with BL to beat.
Even with a great deal of experience, the lack of “gud guns” early on has me taking a hide-and-shoot approach which I of course don’t usually do.
And as I found, early in the game you will run out of ammo a fair amount of times.

So we’ll see if this attracts new players, or scares 'em off.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot; There is a new preference for “Easy mode” in this stand-alone game. I don’t know exactly what it does (naturally, since I don’t use it) but it mentions reducing damage. So maybe they expect a number of new players to turn on easy mode.


Sounds like the same thing as BL3. You basically take less damage from foes but everything else seems to be about the same. So you can tank more, and aren’t as heavily penalized for simply standing still and shooting things. :man_shrugging:


The Handsome Collection has the option to start a New VH at lvl 30, right? So you can basically do whatever you want, be it DLC or the last mission to start TVHM.

What pisses me off really is that it is free for Epic only while in the PlayStation the Handsome Collection is cheaper. Being honest I want to play it because Borderlands is fun as hell but I wont for real pay for playing something 9 years old again. Especially because I can just launch BL2, start a new lvl 30 VH and jump into the same DLC and do the same things. I did it to get the DLC trophies after the Platinum.


The Handsome Collection is on sale now, and it is almost always.


Seriph crystal purchases will be pretty easy.

I’m now lvl 13, just entering the Lair of infinite agony. Just stopped by Flamerock to check on the ser. vendor.
He’s selling stuff for 120, without any farming I’ve already got 128 crystals.

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I think that thing alone will make it appealing for me (plus I hear ‘magical’ grenades are more plentiful as well). How are drop rates overall, by the way? BL2-level or closer to BL3 ones? :slight_smile:

Not really.

You get enough good blue/purple weapons from beating the sidequests, your character is a lot more powerful even in early game because of the additional skill points, and Four Kings are barely lvl 6 (at least on my end). The only difficulty is not falling sleep because 4Kings are just bullet sponges.

Overall, they did good with the leveling experience. Not as smooth as BL3 where you can ignore sidequest and do the main story (you will probably hit a wall eventually if you do that), but is also not as bad as BL1/TPS leveling curve and the sidequest are very close to each other, so it doesn’t even require as much backtracking as BL2 either.

That’s only if you own the Lilith DLC, which doesn’t come with the Handsome Collection.

Same with the Hammerlock DLC in BL3 for having an homosexual marriage or the Season Pass 1 on BL3 because they announced a second one. Steam is too prone to emotional backslash and review manipulation, is kinda why I don’t trust user reviews on that platform.


I loved this dlc in BL2!
I love it as a stand alone product!
Please please please update it as a BL3 addon so we can go with the new characters and enjoy this amazing content!

Seraph vendor and crazy earl are in the game. Haven’t found a bank yet.

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The Bank is in Moxxi’s tavern, look in the back near the slot machines.
The transfer locker is next to the ammo/med/guns vendors in Flamerock.

They drop very very frequently. And it’s kinda fun to use a magic missile as an actual offensive grenade, not just a slag accessory. These MMs are killin’ things.

Closer to BL2. Haven’t seen a legendary yet (only level 13), and drops are mostly white-green with occasional blues. Some good purples show up. But in general very BL2 like.


Not so far. I’m 1/2 way through the Lair of infinite agony and have not done a single side quest. My level is 1-2 levels below story quest level, but not a problem.

Though again, since Maya gets CloudKill at level 7 in this version that makes it significantly easier. No deaths so far, and just a few FFYLs.


The catapult is new yes.

Shame people are being toxic over at steam and review bombing it. I just really don’t understand people anymore, so much hate.