Tiny tina assult on dragon keep

Overall I’m enjoying this standalone. It’s nice to have something to freshen up the classic BL2 thing, kinda like how the Commander Lilith DLC did a couple years ago. Nice to start that DLC from 100% scratch and 2 skill points per level works great going through the campaign so you have a decently fleshed out character. My only gripe really is the busted scaling on TVHM.

Pearls CAN show up in Tina’s slot machines, as they can in the DLC version even in normal mode, but they delete themselves after you save/quit/restart. Since they were added to BL2 in the UVHM DLC, the pearlescent code is only kinda half there in the standalone and I guess a sanity check deletes them from your inventory when you start a session.

Oops yeah there’s that, copied over from TPS. I’m guessing they put that shield in so players could have some more melee options available, since melee seems to have a larger part in Wonderlands coming up. Also probably why they made the magic grenades drop like candy in this, to make it feel more “magical”.


They added him in for this stand-alone version.

And you’re right Knee McShooty would have been friggin hilarious!


Works for me on Epic :man_shrugging:

surely it should have been face McStabby

Skyrim meme reference - Knee McShooty works really well for that.


Word of caution: the loot-a-pult does friendly fire (is it the new barrel troll?)


i get it would be so much work to get this to run in BL3…

Is the vendor capped at 30??

Yeah seems so

Can anyone help me with Friendship rules trophy on PS4??

I think this is the first time I’ve played this game/dlc as Axton. It feels like Resident Evil, fighting all these skeletons.

I wonder if gbx is watching this thread. @Noelle_GBX when will we get a patch to fix the scaling issue in tvhm in the 1 shot stand alone game please?


when you found him, what did he give you? I don’t have this DLC, but I’ve been reading some of yalls posts and I’m going out on a limb here with Michael? Was it Michael Mamaril? looked up the spelling. lol

Nope, not him. An actual mission (albeit he shortest mission) guy. You know…

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McShooty! the best mission in borderlands 2 period. lol “Shoot me in the face!”


Well this doesn’t happen in the main game…

Taking a Gaige through for variety. Battled the 4 Kings, an Infinity dropped (not great for Gaige) and then I noticed that this dropped too.
I saw it at a distance and said to myself Nah, nah, they’re not going to include this in the world loot pool, are they?
Well they are. A lvl 6 Norfleet. Who’da thought?


Me too



I gets me a Norfleet from the Kings. @EldeeFifty gets a Norfleet from the Kings.

Then I enter the Mines of Avarice, the very next map, and go to the ammo vendor.


How can I play with my toy if you treat me like this game? What level does rocket ammo start appearing, you silly thing?

I want my $10 back. Or a hot fix tonight.

Quick edit: There’s an ammo shrine right next to those vendors. I spent my 1 eridium to discover that the ammo shrine buff does not regenerate rocket ammo. Now I want an additional $10 for mental suffering.

2nd edit.: I was so emotionally distraught that I accidentally reloaded and lost 307 anarchy stacks. Right before the Warlord. Now I want $30.


LMAO :rofl: :joy:

I’m having fun with it. I like the changes so far. No low level legendaries for me yet. But its been fun running thru this low level and now able to get crystals without farming bosses.

My first NVHM run through I only got one, a firestorm near the end of the run.

The time I’ve already gotten the nor fleet, an infinity, a fire storm, and a logans gun and I’m just 1/2 through the mine.

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