Tiny Tina Damsel Plushes!

Imagine walking in to your next tea party hand-in-hand with a beautiful damsel. You’d be the instant envy fo the room.

Make this dream a reality with a Tiny Tina Damsel Plush*, available for order now in the Official Gearbox Store.

*badonkadonk included


Looks totally awesome! I can see it now: “Yeah, I’m bringing a bunny girl with me…” :wink:

BTW, is this going to be a limited edition thing, or regular merchandising (subject to demand)?

It’s kind of a test case for us honestly. If they sell well, the store will be happy to make more after the first batch runs out :slight_smile:

The real question is:

Is that Mushy Snugglebites or Felicia Sexopants? :blush:

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Is it limited release?

I honestly might buy one.

Since this is the most recent GBX shoppe thread, Ill just say this here…

Went to go order me a Zero hoodie, but you guys are fresh out of small and medium sizes for women :sob:
Re-up soon? Pretty please?

First batch will be limited. If they sell out very quickly and show there is a lot of demand, the shop will do more!

I’ll send them a note!

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I know someone whod orgasm over getting one.

The longer I stare these poor rabbits, I wonder where is needed such an amount of lucky charms?