Tiny Tina DLC difficulty?

literally finished tvhm with Zero @ lvl 50 this morning, thought id jump straight in on assault on dragon keep while i was on top of the game with some semi decent gear, and honestly i wish i hadnt because i can only assume im vastly under levelled or under geared

I am fairly sure im missing something or doing something very wrong as i am just blowing through ammo, 1k assault rifle rounds and many grenades to down a simple golem, admittedly it was an epic battle lasting nearly 10 minutes, but for 168 xp and 400ish credits it seemed a bit excessive, badass skelly with a shield, slightly better xp and loot but 160+ shotgun rounds

so far i’ve dropped around 9 mill creds on respawns (got about 150k remaining) and i havent made the refuge yet, though that might be my own fault for exploring the beach to the right of the door in the first place and finding 3 skellys and 2 golems, then repeteadly spawning on the beach to the left of the door where there is another golem

hints, tips, ideas, etc tyvm :smile:

l’edit, while i think of it, my gear is pretty good, though not exceptional, mostly lvl 50 purps with a couple of legendaries, it was enough to get me through the main game on tvhm

Read this link. It helped me when I was struggling as Zero in the Tiny Tina dlc.

Try your golden keys and perhaps farm for more legendaries in tvhm. Are you on ps3 by any chance? I may have some level legendaries weapons, grenades, shields and maybe some e-techs (bright purples) that I can part with. Let me know.

Are you using corrosive on the Skeletons? I guess your build could be causing you problems but it’s hard to say. Maybe you should put more focus on following the story/quest line until your more settled in the dlc.

The Unassuming Docks has a really narrow focus on the path to the hub town but a much larger area either side which, though fun to explore and with some things to find, won’t progress you any further within the dlc.

Maybe once you find the Crumpocalypse quest you’ll be better placed to be drawn back to areas you’ve been introduced too?

I just realised something pretty obvious.

Have you turned the Golems into Unbound Golems? They work the same way as Goliath’s. In TVHM their smash attacks could be working to out level you pretty quickly with all those skeletons bouncing around.

This could be causing your up hill struggle that just feels pointless with no real quest/story progression going on when you find them on the shore.

cheers for the link i’ll give that a read, and im on pc rather than console, not that i’ve played for a while, i did the captain scarlett dlc when it first came out and that was about the last time i played

yeah i have a corrosive vladof assault rifle, corrosive hyperion plasma caster, shock hyperion shotty, and maliwan fire railgun / sniper rifle thing as my base setup and a few others in my inv,

umming and arring over which grenade to use tbh, got a slag mirv grenade and a quasar

if it helps at all this is my current build http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#505051355150505100000000000000

and yes its completely possible one of them upgraded on me without me noticing, i was probably too busy reloading :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tiny Tina enemies are tough as nails to deal with-
Explosive damage is your friend.
Your story reminds me of the time I went to Tiny Tina at level 29
after beating Normal mode Warrior.
Struggled to even get to Flamerock Refuge, and I remember thinking
I beat an Eridian Warrior that could destroy the world and I cant handle skeletons?

I would say that Melee Zer0 would serve you quite well;
when youre expending 160 shotgun shells on a single, normal mob
we need to change things up a little bit :wink:

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Quick question. You said you just finished TVHM and then started this. Did you stay with TVHM or move to UVHM?

The problem could be 2 things, depending on that answer.

If it’s TVHM, the enemies can scale up a little higher than 50. The highest weapons you can get are 50. So the enemies will soon outclass your weapons.

If it’s UVHM, the game is just tougher. You have to fight smarter. Hit crits, play more strategic, slag if you need.

Sounds like u need more firepower.u should farm for some legendarys to help u.

Looking at your build you might not be getting the best out of the sniping tree. The bonuses for crits and aiming down sites may not be hitting top marks as those Skeles can move quite fast and the archers arrows can shake you when they hit, yet alone those Golems that have crit spots that free them up and more heavy hits.

I’d suggest going through the Cunning tree for Death Blossum.

Maybe this: http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#505051000055055103113000000000

Summery: So Fast Hands and Counter Strike 5 points each, drop all 5 points in Fearless and put all 5 in Ambush (the damage is multiplicative, Ambush should be a core skill in any setup). I don’t really feel that Two Fang does a hell of a lot and as your burning through ammo finding a double shot taking ammo is not going to help but it opens up the coms you can use. Innervate will help speed you up and get you in better position during deception and those Blossom Kunai are decent damage dealing extra attacks with the chance at modifiers from Death Mark. Also keeps you using Deception, that extra damage dealing one shot you get will make a difference.

Sniping tree keeps the easy bonuses but you loose velocity (can muck with bullet strike spots messing with crits) and everything after it but you don’t seem to be benifiting from stacking and any weapon switch away from a sniper kills the stack, Kill Confirmed is good but I also don’t think your getting the most from it.

The last three points I put in Killing Blow to compliment Counter Strike, I guess your not wanting a Melee or Hybrid build (or I would have put more points in the Bloodshed tree) but most enemies in Tina’s are going to rush to slap you anyway might as well hit back hard when you need to, personally I’d be happy to take points out of OSOK and boost it to 5 points.

Maybe I’m way off the mark for your play style but a quick respec might be worth it just to see.

I hope it helps :smile:

stayed in tvhm as i thought i would be okay geared to take it on, though i have had a quick go in uvhm and i wasnt even touching the skellys, which i thought odd as i blipped over to claptraps place through the quick travel cleared out the bully mongs and the bandits for hammerlock no problem, made a level and a half no deaths

which makes me think i might just do the aodk on normal to see the story and leave it at that and maybe level up some more through the main campaign

cheers for that, got to be worth a go, and yes youre absolutely right about the skellys, no time to aim at all and the archers hit like trucks

If you don’t like playing melee zero, you should keep OSOK, ambush is great if you couple it with death mark, kunai, deception most of the time. At level 50, without melee, centre tree is a must, that is 26 pts leaving you 19 pts . Grim is great for gun zero.

As for gears, bee and shock infinity to deal with skellys, fire for skelly mage and crystal skelly. Pimpernal and sandhawk for badass or mini boss. DPUH is great but eat bullets, you will appreciate infinity more.

A purple tediore grip coach shotgun 2 mag OSOK style if skellys get too close.

Generally shock or Explosive is good against most enemies in this dlc. Fire is situational, trees, skellys mage, crystal skellys, orcs, Spider. Corrosive is the weakest esp. Against skellys, surprised lol unless you play hellborn krieg for corrosive dots heal him and shock only dot 2 or 3 sec thus useless to him.

Non elem guns like maggie, bekah also good if you want to save ammo.

Evolution, blockage or antagonist shields also good for gun zero.

Bone of ancients relics for dps.

Just experiment with gears, tiny dlc is the hardest but you still can run it with fun in op8, slag more lol.

I found explosive was by far the best against the skeletons and mages. In fact, without my Kerblaster (didn’t have a Harold at the time!) I doubt I would have been able to finish the Dragon Keep. I found it really hard and only the explosive weapons seemed to do sufficient damage, especially the mages

When I first went into Tina’s with my lvl 50+ Zero, the skeletons were kicking my butt. Then I decided to re-spec into melee, put on my Order shield with Law (about lvl 48 each) and creamed them. Between the Kunai, and whatever the forward sprint/attack skill is, they were no problem.

gonna have to find me a torgue weapon i think, though i had been avoiding them as i dislike the slow bullet characteristic, apart from that good info but it needs less legendaries, this game has a worse drop rate than diablo 3 and with a little over 300 hours on zero i’ve seen 4 legendaries drop, 3 of them grenades, so i’ll just learn to do without

I agree with you. Drop rates in normal play are garbage. I did two entire playthroughs on one character and got the grand total of one orange weapon, and that was very early in Playthrough 1. BL1 drop rates were infinitely better.

I recommend getting an Unkempt Harold from the Torgue DLC. You will need to farm for tokens, best either from the Bar Room Brawl or the timed Race, but that’s quite easy to do, if a little boring. Once you have the 613 tokens you need, then just go to a Torgue Vending Machine near a spawn point, and just spawn / quit / repeat until it stocks the Harold. It’s probably the best explosive weapon in the game and will help you massively, not only in Tiny Tina’s DLC, but pretty much everywhere. I have mine equipped pretty much all the time now. If nothing else, it’s an almost guaranteed revive in FFYL as long as another enemy is reasonably close (it has poor range). Takes most things down with ease.

You could also run all 8 of the Torgue vending machines in a loop and hit them all within the 20 minute time limit- it’s also a great way to keep gaining XP. I usually run it in a loop like this: Badass Crater Bar>Forge>Southern Raceway>Badass Crater>Arena>the Beatdown (2 locations)>Pyro Pete’s Bar. I usually finish with enough time to run the Barroom Brawl and stock up on more tokens. I can make up to 3 runs before enemies start to respawn in their respective areas (this also allows me to check the 2 chest behind the billboards or visit the seraph vendor).

You shouldn’t really need any Legendaries in Normal mode.

Stocking up for TVHM, sure.

I could definitely use a sham better than the 82% playthrough 1 I have for my gunzerker … my bad booms are always too strong and I can’t rocket jump