Tiny Tina DLC Final Boss Fight

Hi , The Handsome sorcerer arena seems too bright and hurts the eyeI Farming the Sorcerers is tough because of the contrast the screen presents. I start getting a headache easily. This is on the PS4. Can gearbox do something about this. I don’t know if I am the only one facing this issue.

I’ve not had any brightness issues with the Sorcerer fight but Hyperius’s Arena is way too bright, to the point that I have to drastically reduce the in-game brightness levels before I can play. I’ve noticed that Pyro Pete’s arena has something of a Brightness issue as well but it’s nowhere near as bad. I’ve noticed this on both the PS3 and 4 BTW.

Hi all,

I am in agreement about the Handsome sorcerer area not being over bright, I have had no brightness issues at all.


On PS3 I never had the issue of brightness at Dragon Keep. Maybe the remastering had some effect on it