Tiny Tina DLC glitch

Not sure how this happened, but I’m stuck in 3/4 letters with the game telling me to grab it from one place, but it isn’t there. I’ve tried restarting, but that doesn’t fix it. It’s for the Dwarven Allies quest, and I can’t progress anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated

The first you grabbed from the wizard, the second from the jumping puzzle, the third from the dwarven Rubik’s cube, right? The last one you have to fight the giant golden golem, after which it should be on a pedestal near a large throne. Did you do that bit yet?

I killed the guy and grabbed it, but it didnt count. and now it keeps telling me to go too the pedestal to grab it, but its gone

That’s really weird. Assuming you’ve already tried the quit/restart method, all I can suggest is posting on the XB1 on-line play and trading forum to see if there’s someone who you can join to complete at least that part of the mission.

I am having this issue. How did you fix it?