Tiny Tina DLC in UVHM

I am playing as Salv at level 52 in UVHM and have just reached Sanctuary. I started UVHM at level 51. Can someone please provide information on a realistic level to start Tiny Tina’s DLC?



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In UVHM, everything scales with you, so you could go to Tiny Tina’s (Unassuming Docks) right now. The biggest issue is likely to be what types of gear you have - some of the skeleton mages and crystal skeletons can be a pain if you don’t have explosive and a decent melee weapon. Otherwise, it’s not really too different from pushing through Thousand Cuts or Sawtooth Cauldron.

There’s one fight that can be a pain solo, but you don’t get to that point until the end of the map “Hatred’s Shadow”, which is over halfway through the DLC.

That said, if you have the Mercenary Day headhunter pack, I would do that first and complete the story on it so you can go hit the loot train any time you want to gear up while levelling.

The alternative (which I do) is to complete Torgue DLC first so that have access to Torgue tokens, vending machines, and easy loot chests.


:point_up: What @VaultHunter101 said. Personally, I treat my climb to 72 as opening farms. Want a Harold? Head to Sanctuary. Want a Kerblaster? Frag Midgemong. Want a Grog? Meet Mage Clappy in the Mines of Avarice and never finish his silly mission. Etc. So, in response to your original question, any level is realistic if you’ve got on level gear, which is easily accessible via the loot train, but you can do it however you like.

The thing about UVHM is, don’t get bogged down trying to get great gear from the beginning. A green rarity weapon that is your level at 55 will be much better than any level 50 legendary equivalent. It makes it more fun too, working with what the game gives you. I’d say just bite the bullet and go for it :+1:


True words. It’s kind of the opposite of NVHM and TVHM, where you can almost keep some legendaries the entire story.

I think TT’s DLC is especially punishing because of the oddities of the enemies. Crystal skeletons, the undead Kings, eternal skeletors, and skeleton mages (that I can think of right now) all have some strange quirks which really get highlighted in UVHM. The extremely varied enemy types can reveal things lacking in your gear very quickly.

I second the mercenary day loot train suggestion. I didn’t know about this when I was taking my first two characters through UVHM, and that would have been nice to know lol. Almost every time you can find something useable - even legendaries. Gain a few levels, hit the train a few times.

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Mercenary day is awesome. Every couple of levels, I go back to that place to get any on level stuff. The other key is hitting up Moxi for her Good Touch when you need to get an updated version.