Tiny Tina Heads?

I got rid of my 360 after I stopped playing BL2, I recently got the handsome collection on my XB1, so obviously I didn’t have a chance to upload the save data from my old console to my new one, so I’m out all my old progress, which isn’t a big deal. What kills me though is all my hard earned heads are now lost. Space Knight, all the Tiny Tina heads, gone. The shift codes aren’t working for the DLc heads. Do they drop in game?

Hey mate, I can confirm that the shift codes for the heads from Tiny Tina’s assault that were originally for the 360 do indeed still work on the Xbox One as I only redeemed them a few weeks ago. I would post the codes here, but you need input individual codes for each character and it’s quite a pain.

If you go to the following Wikia link, they have a table all nicely laid out with all the codes: http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/SHiFT

You can earn the heads and skins in game, but you need to get between 1 - 3 on the dice rolls as that will give blue level loot so it’s quite annoying to get them that way.

Yes I’ve heard that the codes still work, only they don’t, not for me anyway. I remember using them back when they first released when I played it on 360, that’s probably why they aren’t working for me. Oddly enough it doesn’t say that I’ve already redeemed the code, it just says the code is invalid…

So they should either already be unlocked, because it’s still the same profile I used, which they aren’t. Or they should say the code has already been activated, which they don’t.

Once I finish farming Bnk3r for my space knight head, I’m going to exhaust the DLC for content with axton, maybe I’ll come across some of them then.

Also, are there skins for that DLC? If so, do they match the theme? Kind of like Ellie’s new “armor” after her side quest?

Ah, that would make sense as they are the same codes for the 360 so yeah it probably thinks you’ve already redeemed them. You should open a support ticket as there has been issues getting the customization items across from previous gen: http://support.gearboxsoftware.com

Yeah there are skins that match the theme of the DLC, like Zer0’s looks a bit like chainmail armour and Maya’s matches the elf look etc.

The best way to grind them out is doing the dragons on an easier difficulty as you’ve got all those dice chests at the end, but even that took my a long time to find just one head and skins so I would highly suggest opening up that support ticket.

Ok, thanks for the advice! Hopefully that’ll be easier than grinding out the heads!

I can help you with the skins/heads from AoDK DLC. I have them all on my heads/skins mule. I keep extras of things like this. :wink:

GT: Kurtdawg13

Awesome thanks I’ll definitely add you! I may not get a chance to get on and grab them until this weekend though

no worries. just message me when you’re online.

Do I dare ask if you happen to have a spare of Maya’s community day 2013 skin for BL2? Haha.

Also no worries @Heavnsix, hope you get your heads and skins!

Ask away! :smiley:

Actually, I don’t know if I have those. I have been steadily collecting skins/heads for all characters and moving them to my heads/skins mule. I’m not sure if I have those for Maya. If it’s an item that can drop from an enemy or loot source, I might. If it’s an item that requires shift codes to unlock, probably not. :pensive:

If you know the name of the skin, I can look thru my mule and let you know?

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Haha, they are a world drop on the Xbox One, but they are so rare!

The head for Maya is ‘Closing Time’ and the skin is ‘Last Call’

I don’t think I’ll ever have the pleasure of seeing them, I wish Gearbox would do some shift codes from them.

about to head home for the day. When I get home I’ll take a look and report back. :wink:

Edit: Just checked and I do not have the head or skin. Sorry I can’t help.

I knew it was a long shot, but I really do appreciate you taking the time mate! :slight_smile:

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