Tiny Tina One-Shot DLC and Melee Krieg

Was just curious about how melee-Krieg scales in this.

Was gonna do a run next week with some friends and melee-Krieg is always a fun time in BL2, but his melee damage is tied to his level. IIRC he does base damage at level 11 or 12 and gains +50% melee damage somewhere in the mid-40s.

This one-shot caps at level 35.

I’m just curious if any changes were made to his melee damage gain since I know that some other changes were made. You know like the lower exp needed to level up, the 2 skill points per level up, the general changes to Flamerock Refuge and item drop locations.

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It’s ridiculous, you can kill pretty much anything pretty easily with a proper melee build.

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