Tiny tina one shot xbox amulet mission

Well that is the problem the mission of the amulet of friendship doesnt appear i am max leveling my second character and it doesnt appears. it is some issue? How can i fix it?

I noticed too that when i change between characters at main menu makes the game crashes it stucks at loading screen and then crashes

Have you tried just talking to the dude who gives the mission? I have vague memories of this mission not always having a map marker.

Mr miz doesnt appears thats the problem this is my 4th run with my second character

Am on xbox series s

Sometimes it takes a long time for him to appear. I had to save/quit 15 times until he appeared on my last play through. Its just random.

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Thanks it works

Now i have another question does somebody know how to reset playthrough?

I’m not too sure how the one shot works but I know in regular bl2 the option to reset appears when you load your character and choose the difficulty. There will be an option to reset play through but I’m almost positive it only works in uvhm.

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Yep at bl2 that is the way but at the tiny tina’s one shot it is not available uvhm so it can not be reseted

Thanks a lot