Tiny Tina Voice Chat Quality PS5

Hi., a buddy of mine are play Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands on PS5 and we are both using Sony Pulse Audio 3D headsets and we are getting terrible voice chat quality. We both sound like robots (as you do when the bit stream is too low). My PS5 speeds are 40.8Mbps down and 4.1Mbps up; not great I know but I would think this is good enough for audio + game synchronization. He is going to test his speeds so I don’t have those numbers right now but I know his side is much faster than mine. Another issue we have is that both times we’ve played (just starting out) the audio completely gets cut off and we have to restart to get it re-established even though the we can still play the game just fine. There does not appear to be any settings to adjust voice chat audio quality anywhere. Anyone know what the connection speed requirements are for clear audio or anything else that might cause this? Is anyone else having this issue?

For what its worth, we both live in the PNW.


Have you tried bypassing the in-game chat and just using the system chat function directly (whatever the equivalent of XBox group chat is)?

Not yet, this is next on our list.

Always use party chat especially while playing with friends.


I just thought I would follow up, we finally managed to test using the built in Party system and wow… what a difference, the audio just works and is great quality. My guess is Gearbox is too cheap to pay for quality audio streaming but who knows. For others having this issue and your playing with friends, definitely use the Party system. cheers.