Tiny Tina Wonderland Keywords Removed From "Be Chaotic Great" Source Code. Cover up from Gearbox?

Heya Buddies, I was browsing the source code for the new website called “Be Chaotic Great” for any possible hints for the new Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Leak and I found another leak to give more confirmation of what we already suspect to be Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Or rather lack there off since just after 6/7/21 where twitter user Wario 64 screenshotted CSS Code with keywords Wonderlands in there suddenly disappears. Perhaps a cover up by gearbox/2k?

Video Showcase:

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Dang it, just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. GB has my number and this is all of the things I wanted. I guess I’m not done with them yet.

sigh here, take my money…but please…let’s get some native console support for stability this time.


Definitely gunna hold out to let them get bugs, fixes and any balancing done on this one before even thinking about picking it up…


Yeah I won’t be a day 1 tester again. I’ve played 3 to death now but it was Easter 2020 before I could get the game working. By then it was half price.

Lesson learned


I am honestly a bit worried with the fact that the reveal trailer was essentially a cast list. Voice actors don’t really sell me on video games. Don’t get me wrong writing and VO is an important part of making a good game great it just worries me knowing that is were they are trying to draw our attention.

Personally I prefer getting a look at the bigger picture before I get remotely excited about games these days.


Yep definitely worries me that the highlight of the teaser was the names of the VAs. I see a rough launch incoming.


They still haven’t fixed the UI in split screen after looking into since launch… cant even enjoy it for the feature we bought it for even though they have mentioned its a well known issue…

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I know mate we had to move on and fix ourselves. Since then we bought a projector just to give us chance to read the text.

Now we play on stadia for the load times and better graphics

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Having now watched the reveal trailer, that cast certainly has my attention.

So, judging by the look of it, this is essentially going to be a big expansion of the Dragon Keep dlc?

Damn, now that you mention the cast thing, maybe this won’t be a shooter like the main games, and instead we are getting a Tales like spin-off.

It sounds like it will be like a standard Borderlands game. Based on the trailer and the accompanying synopsis it seems to be taking the idea of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep and turning it into its own complete game.

It also mentioned “slashing” and swords, so there might be some cool melee jams going down.

I’m wondering if there may be a crafting mechanic as well since half the trailer was a character crafting a gun/melee weapon of some sort.


I was wondering that same thing. With the addition of creating your character, to whatever extent that is, it doesn’t seem farfetched to imagine some sort of weapon forging mechanic.

I also don’t think it will help that we have two new version of Diablo 2 in the works. One a polished re release the other a remake. Seeing as how most people consider Diablo 2 the pinical of top down RPGs that might hurt them if they end up with a release like Battleborn. Battleborn’s biggest issue was its timing. It was competing with a game tha that had a way bigger budget and like triple the development hours.
If Gearbox finds themselves once again up against Activision Blizzard I think the outcome is obvious.

Edit: even if they are they will have the benefit of 2022 being a slower year for games similar to this year.

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I don’t think it’s going to be top-down. By the sounds of it it’ll play like a normal Borderlands game. That’s what the current, albeit limited, information seems to suggest anyway.

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I noticed that “forging” part in the trailer. I’m hoping there’s some element of crafting to the game. It would soften the drag of RNG, having a way to at least work towards your dream-drop, even if RNG is against you.

I’m keeping my hopes in check but I am looking forward to getting more info.


They could use it for choosing your anointments, parts and elements on your various equipment.

Will probably buy it with a massive discount :rofl:

Not going to get fooled again like they fooled me with BL3…

Surely there will be other good game launches so yeah…

The trailer sure as hell didn’t convince me one bit :sweat_smile:


I’ll be observing more about this in the shadows but I won’t likely buy this. After BL3 I don’t think I want to buy anymore of these games unless the devs put in work and love with their game.

Actually tidying up stuffs and make sure the game runs nicely and not do any of the intense farming nonsense. I won’t have time to farm rng on rng over rng for a best gear roll