Tiny Tina Wonderland Keywords Removed From "Be Chaotic Great" Source Code. Cover up from Gearbox?

I d like to ask one question and one question only: Is Buttstallion playable?

Can’t even imagine GBX getting crafting right. They are having a hard enough time balancing the RNG for anointments and skills I cant imagine them letting players build their own equipment and not re-tweaking absolutely everything years down the road.

I wonder if, with the stability issues they’ve had if they choose to only release on current gen consoles and pc.

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Looking forward to another Borderlands style game with an Assault on Dragon’s Keep twist. A crafting system would be neat, but don’t think they have announced there is one. Could be supposition on our part.

Roll for initiative!

This had occurred to me as well. Of course, the announcement clearly says Xbone and PS4 as well - for now. But will current-gen (PS5 and Xbox X/S) adoption rates be high enough next year when the new game releases, such that 2K would be willing to ignore the PS4/Xbone install base?

I don’t know how next-gen adoption breaks down by percentages right now, but I get the sense that a lot of console players still haven’t upgraded to the current generation of consoles. The question is whether that will change in the next 8 months. My guess is that the new game is released on PS4/Xbone.

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I just unsubscribed from further email regarding Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. GBX is great at the hype and falls short in execution. Haven’t played for months, hoping for interesting change in BL3, will probably try the upcoming Cartel event but that’s about it.


I hope so for my sake, but I know that’s selfish. I had issues with the previous console though. And I did redownload the Series x/s version of BL3 (which is more prone to crashing), so I’m not sure.

I hope that they were building this from the ground up and not reskinning BL3. Otherwise we’ll have the same issues.

At the very least, they had better get split-screen and UI scaling working from the start.

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I think development for Wonderlands may be the reason for a lack of post launch bug fixing for BL3.

I say this, because I noticed that upon moving from PS4 to PS5, certain things were fixed or ran far smoother on the PS5 version.

I reckon they’ve prioritised bug fixes to the engine first, then applying them to Wonderlands first and then to BL3 platform by platform working back from current to last gen.

Hopefully they learned some things from BL3.


To be fair GBX has always been fairly um mediocre at post launch support. BL2 being many peoples go to of for their favorite GBX game took like almost 3 years of bug fixes, balancing and other improvements. To BL2s dying day there were still a number of issues GBX just didn’t fix.
Battleborn was a live service type game but at times we had to spend months with broken features. A primary example being when we spent just over 3 months with he mission scoring system being broken so new player were unable to complete challanges. Some hero balancing was so egregiously broken we had some champions able to 1v3 or 2v5 against competent players. This kind of stuff usually took over a month so sort out. I personally recall my premade team on PS4 decided to disband after the first DLC hero came out and just spoiled PVP in the game.

BL3 has been better then Battleborn in terms of update frequency and hotfix frequency. Still just about every time BL3 launched an update consisting of fixes something else broke. I remember when the Guardian perks got turned off when they launched a stability update and we were left waiting idk over a month befor the patch that re enabled them came out?
I understand they need to go though certification and that takes time and money but all the more reason to make sure you get this stuff right with QA and polish before release.

Regardless of how well BL3 sold it did damage to GBXs reputation and has shaken trust. Video game consumers are not basement dwelling suckers anymore. Gamers are everyone everywhere. They are active consumers and the industry arguably has far more talent then it has ever before. If a studio is willing to play lose with QA and fallow the “launch now fix later” methodology of 2010 then that studio is welcome to sit in the bottem of the barrel along with every other studio still clinging to that way of business.

I am with you on wanting them to improve but honestly I am not setting any kind of expectations. There past two release have left me pessimistic at best.

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Will Tiny Tina’s Wonderland crash my entire console on an hourly basis, just like Borderlands 3 does? If so, you can count me the f*ck out.

Sorry, cant get excited about anything that comes out of this studio anymore. Two years of crashing and they just ignore at this point. Not getting burned again :-1:


Highly disagree with this. I would argue that video game consumers are the biggest suckers in the industry right about now, generally speaking.

Yearly sport releases than don’t change anything aside from rotating the roster, lootboxes or predatory microtransactions in to make players keep spending money on a game without adding any tangible value to it, gacha/hero collector games with gambling mechanics that make hundreds of million or even billion of dollars every year for minimal effort, videogames that launch 2 years too soon for their own good and set record numbers (Cyberpunk) selling on hype alone, zealous brand loyalty to any product or choice the company makes (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Steam/Valve…), buying a subscription on top of the internet subscription you’re already paying for so you can play the games you own, companies laughing at their own consumers using “memes” or jokes as a front and the players laughing back and keep on buying their products…

I might give you the benefit of the doubt if you’re talking about a “hardcore” segment of the audience, but in terms of the big picture, I don’t think you grasp the current state of the industry as of now if you think that way.

That’s fair. The first five patches all broke something while adding or fixing something else.

I guess my point is that I’m hoping that it was simply development of this game that was pulling talent away from the BL3.

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