Tiny Tinas AODK (Standalone) should be F2P

This is a complete joke IMO. The Handsome collection is often on sale for 15-20$ and you want 10$ for a small bit of that game?! What in the world is going.

I’ve heard it only goes to lv 35 so that brings the question. What about TVHM, and UVHM? Is there OP level in this stand alone? What about Pearls & effervescents?

I encourage everyone to wait a till wonderlands is about to drop and his is on sale for 2$ or F2P like it should be


Why you even want this if you already have full game with everything?
Was the Handsome Collection updated with new stuff?

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You can play as OP10 in that DLC, just like any other DLC. TTAoDK also contains some very useful gear imo, such as the grog nozzle, chain lightning grenade, magic missile grenade, and likely other gear that many would consider top gear for certain builds. And $10 is nothing compared to how amazing and replayable that DLC is. Heck, you can’t even play one hand of black jack at a casino for $10 .

Seems like not. Basically paying for cosmetics

Since this is a duplicate thread, and many of the questions raised have already been discussed over there, I’m closing this one.

Re: Thread title - it is F2P on Epic, but only on Epic.

Anyway, if you want to discuss it (or simply learn how the standalone differs from the BL2 DLC included in Handsome Collection or the original BL2 season pass) you can go here:

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