Tiny Tina's assault on dragon keep seraph crystals

I play the dlc and got some seraph weapons, but I couldn’t find seraph crystals, where can you find them?

Seraph crystals only drop from the raid bosses in respective DLC and must be in UVHM.
In your case, you can kill the Ancient Dragons of Destruction to get the crystals or play the Tina slot machines but it can take way too long and if you’re lucky.

question, if you havent downloaded either of the ultimate packages but have the DLC’s, then you wouldnt go into UVHM, youd be level 50 with them being level 52 and without the 2 ultimate packages, you should get the seraph crystals and such, right?

They still can only drop them in UVHM, which is free at least, as they have been specifically programmed with UVHM in mind. Only the three previous raids could drop seraph crystals in TVHM, even Normal I think, before the UVHM Update (not DLC) changed that.

Ohh, I just went back to TVHM to go kill the dragons…

I know it’s mentioned elsewhere, but, Seraph Crystals will only Drop from the Raid Bosses in UVHM, They are however obtainable in all playthroughs by playing the eridium slots in Moxi’s bar in Flamerock, this is a very slow process because when the slots hit for the crystals the payout is only “3”