Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep


I have a question. I would like to play again this DLC. Please can you tell me how to do it? All 3 modes are played.

Thank you very much in adcvance


Start a new character or reset UVHM on your current character.

Resetting UVHM should do the trick

Thank you. But if I reset UVHM it means that I have to play everything again?

Yes it does.

Unfortunately there’s no way to reset single missions, you can only reset the whole playthrough. But! You can easily travel to Tina’s world via the fast travel in either Clappy’s place or Liar’s Burg. In the later, all you have to do is get Hammy to turn on the power.

Yeah that’s true plus if you good gear you could easily run through the playthrough.

Thank you all for comments. Now is everything clear. Unfortunately my gear is not great. I am OP4.
Anyway thank you again for comments.

Hello again. Quick question. If I restart UVHM it means that OP stays or I have to do it again?
And can I restart only VHM?

Your OP level stays at what you select unless you change it. So, if you reset UVHM @ OP 4, you’ll be playing from the beginning @ OP 4 unless you raise or lower it.

On 2nd part of my question please do not reply. I realized that if you reset NVHM you reset everything :smile:

Hello all,

I am looking for script of this DC. Does someone has it? Or is even possible to buy it?

Thank you


Just to clarify… You can’t reset NVHM or TVHM. Only UVHM.

Hi Ronnie. You are right. I figure out immediately after I wrote it :smile: