Tiny tinas assault script help!

I was wondering if i could get a script for the whole playthrough because i am trying to create a d&d (dungeons and dragons) series based upon the script of this add-on content. So is there any one that has the full script? (Including what everyone says, the full list of objectives for each mission, etc). If someone has this, they would be the biggest badass ever to have been within bl2!!

If you haven’t found one online, there’s a chance it’s only available to dataminers, whom we frown upon and do not discuss here.
The Wiki has a ‘transcripts’ category where several of the TT missions are given in full. Probably not all of them, though.
Orcz dot com has quotes collections for most (or all?) characters and NPCs in the game with mission tags, including DLC. (If Orcz’s stuff is mined, I’m due a reprimand as soon as a mod wakes up. I’m not sure, but it does look rather too complete.)
Assuming it hasn’t been done yet and I’ve simply missed it, you can compile everything from there.
It’ll be a slog, but you’d be pretty badass yourself if you feel up to it.