Tiny Tina's new voice feels off

I know she’s older but it just doesn’t sound right for a lot of what she says like flavor. it feels forced and trying too hard to sound like her other voice. Maybe it’s just bc she feels less “crazy” and energetic.

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yes her voice feels a bit “off”, but I am so thankful she is back in the game that this isnt a problem for me.

The dream still lives, that she will become a playable character with lots of explosions (Torque will be proud!) and crazy class mods and stuff!
Gearbox, make it happen! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m fine with her as an npc because i’d rather hear her talk :smiley:


She was little girl compared to being a little more grown up, so naturally her voice would change. All I know is I cannot stand Vaughn.

BLOOD FEEUUUUUDDDDDD. I wanna bitch slap him every-■■■■■■■-time.

Its just the Tiny Tina shtick was only endearing when her character was younger and more naive and insane instead of how she is now just stale and insane. I don’t think anything is wrong with the voice, but oof puberty hit her with a big stick in the looks department.

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Same voice actor for her


i’m with you on this one 100%. i’ve said in a couple of other threads the same thing. if she became a playable character she would lose 90% of her personality. she shines as a NPC with dialogue that aren’t restricted to random one liners.


I know that and said that. My point was she doesnt sound like her being grown up and the way she talks changed not just the voice doing the talking. like her “flavor” doesnt have that change of tone like it did before where she put emphasis on some parts of the word and less on others or when she’d say “BREAK IT DOWN” she made her voice not graspy by deeper as with other instances. she just feels like a different character instead of an older character

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yet she doesnt sound like an older tina. she sounds like a completely new character her inflections changed too not just how deep/high she talks

It’s still the same voice actress. All Ashly Burch did was make Tina sound older.

same actress doesnt make it fine.

she lost how she used to say things. it feels monotone in comparison. it doesnt have the tiny tinas original inflection let alone vigor and “insanity”. it all feels forced not natural


I liked it all the same really. I think some people are just nitpicking like the usual with all sequel games. The same old “what did these monsters do to X??? back in ye’ olde times…”

I actually find it interesting to see her grow up a bit… and still be cray cray female version of Mr Torgue.

They really need to make some sort of another Torgue/Tina DLC there.

I read what you said. She sounds similar but not the same. You already said that. Why say it again? Not sure why you reiterating what what was said.

Maybe it’s the writing of “what” they’re having her say instead of how she’s saying it?


I hope I didn’t have the same inflections at 20 that I had when I was 13. Just sayin.

In my opinion that’s because the writing for B3 is… not up to B2’s level. I get that she is trying to make the best of a bad business, but Tiny Tina was one place where B2’s dialogue really shone, and the comparison is not pretty.


One of my favorite NPC’s of all time!

Ashley also did the voice of Orendi in Battleborn. Love it.

The only thing that felt a little off in BL3 was she didn’t have the same manic energy that was captured in BL2 story.

This is likely due to story elements and sound design(trains blowing up, hell breaking loose) not being as frenetic as it was in BL2 story.

Still awesome reprisal as one of my favorite characters ever!

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I don’t think it is her voice so much as her writing. I find they are having a hard time writing as an adult. Ashley Burch still did great! But you can taste Aloy and Chloe in her voice. I find she is not in the game enough to even make a good judgement of the changes… she only has 3 missions really. Hammerlock rescue, Blocking that tunnel, and her skag mission. She will likely have a DLC but for now I am meh on her.

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one of the things that soured me on the terrible writing, you had Tina one of the best NPC’s in the BL and you made her boring and forced.

Heck you had to outright tell us she is crazy rather than through her actions.

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Yeah, I agree.
The best story we got if her was from some echos.
Hopefully they make a DLC good.

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