Tiny Tina's - PS4 - Looks Amazing!

Just popped into to the Tina dlc to do the 2nd part of a Bee guide i’m doing, and i was pretty taken back by how great it looked. Such a difference between the PS3 / 4 versions. It really is like playing a new game, and so addicted again!! Loving it.

The other thing we’ve noticed is how hard it is in normal mode as compared to old gen. Seems to be a lot more enemy about. Poor old PS3 couldn’t deal with it i suppose :wink:

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There are definitely more spawns; I’ve been firing up the PS3 verson to transfer characters and the difference between the two versions is simply incredible. It’s like the jump from 8bit to 16bit graphics. old man memories

Don’t i know…I started with Space Invaders and PacMan at the local fair :smile:

…AND I’M SO LOVING my PS4. It’s amazing how things have progressed, and the older i get the more addicted i get…lol. Not sure how many appreciate the hard work that must have been done to deliver the HandsomeC, I’m just loving it all over again. I just can’t wait to spawn Vermi again in Technicolor!