Tiny Tinas - Split Screen UI Is Broken

Hi all,

You are probably aware, but split screen UI is broken on Tiny Tinas. At launch, you only saw abbreviated item cards in split screen everywhere. That meant for items on the group, you couldnt see: weapon type, flavour text, damage %'s or effects. You only saw green if it was better than your current equipped or red if it was worse.

They fixed this in a patch stating:

[Console] Players would only see an abbreviated item card in split screen

This fixed it for items that are dropped in the world, which is half the problem. It didn’t fix it for items in your inventory. That means to see the full details of an item you have picked up thats in your inventory or equipped, you have to press RS / R3 to inspect the item, look at the full item card, come back out, go to the item you want to compare it to, inspect that item, hope you remembered what the numbers were from the first item otherwise you have to go back and repeat. It makes split screen play near impossible in a looter shooter as you cant quickly decide which weapon is better and change.

After every firefight having to spend 10 minutes comparing every drop to whats equipped to see if its better, same as with all equipment (spells, rings, class mods, shields).

Please, please fix the item cards in inventory like you did in the game world. We don’t want to see the abbreviated item card anywhere in the game, the information it shows is not helpful to anyone. We need to see the full details. I have raised support tickets for this but was told support can’t actually talk to the developers but the message has been passed on, and Gearbox never reply to any tweets about patch notes.

Please help us split screen players enjoy the game, because its unplayable at the moment. It was fine in Borderlands 1, 2, 3 and pre-sequel, so why change it now?