Tiny Tina's Updates

What ever changes yall made to Tiny Tina’s were garbage. Clawbringer, Graveborn, lvl 175 mythic rank, volitile and chaos gear, and I can no longer solo chaos runs at rank 20. Everything has pivoted to buffmeister builds, and its stupid. For the hours iv put into this game trying to make tank classes work, your builds are a joke, your bosses and dmg vs longevity are a joke. Find a build thats not all 100% dps and make it work in w/ your updates. Thats my challenge.

grumble “expletive” grumble

What do you mean by this statement? All Damage is done by dps, isn’t it? Even if we include melee, area damage, spell damage… It all does damage per second, right? What’s your skill trees look like? What actual gear are you using?

Just rolled Chaos 35 with my first character tonight. I sure hope they don’t nerf anything today. :grimacing:

They adjusted Clawbringer, But I feel like the game changes every 7 days. Today I logged in and all of my mods glitched to not being volatile. lol I had 3 class mods that I[quote=“piratebones2, post:5, topic:4563142, full:true”]
Just rolled Chaos 35 with my first character tonight. I sure hope they don’t nerf anything today. :grimacing:

used and had grinded volatile versions of. I’m now mythic 268 and an all of my class mods had their volatile rankings removed. they are just normal lvl 40 mods now, its ridiculous. I’ve played games with glitches, but iv never had the gear I currently had in inventory get nerfed like this.

Gearbox, please fix this: ok with struggling b/c you made the game harder, im not ok with struggling b/c my mods had their volatile ranks removed WHILE IN MY INVENTORY. honestly epic games is the worst platform hands down, period, I have ever used. .

All that being said, still the best BDL game to date. I just wish my gear wasnt nerfed while in inventory. Its one thing to change the stats on a gear piece, its another thing to remove chaos/volatile/p[primordial rankings on gear that’s currently in players inventory. That seems cheap.