Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Release Date

Agree with both of these. Though I did find It Takes Two quite cheesy, but that made it even more fun to goof on with my friend.

Gunfire Reborn was a really surprising game considering it only cost me about $10. Lots of fun with friends.

Also A Way Out was one of the best co-op experiences I’ve ever had. Went in completely blind having no idea what to expect and it was quite the ride.

Human Fall Flat is also a fun game to play cooperatively.


I’m getting it cause I’m a fan of the series. I don’t care if something will have a bug cause i know it will get fixed. Not like it’s the end of the world. And it is something i can play with friends. So I can’t wait to see more and find out more about this Mister T-Ork. Can’t wait to see more stuff for the game.

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Gearbox has always given great hype. Given my bl3 experience, i might buy this when it hits $20. Worth it for a game good for MAYBE, 3 or 4 playthroughs.

Just watched the video. Really great hype.

I just watched moxsy‘s video and it seems to me they are even doubling down on the playing favourites with streamers and games as a service seeing as, if you pre-order the Epic store version through links from the stream team (yes, it‘s a thing again) you already get whole exclusive costumization packs, over 6 months pre launch.


There’s a version of the VIP thing going on too for the Town Crier customizations - link your 2K and SHIFT accounts, receive all the emails, and get goodies.


A lot of games are doing that. Sign up to the newsletter and you’ll be signed up for some exclusive content. They have it for Midnight Suns (when you link your 2K account get some skin for Blade) and same thing with Pokemon.

Just an extra thing for folks to get something unique. If they want to

Stop buying into that fraud, then.
It takes two to tango.

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Well said. I genuinely laughed out loud when I read the phrase “seamless multiplayer or local split-screen”.
Not sure who they think they’re kidding.


Didn’t buy a collector’s edition in like 15 years. And when it comes to buying a game day one, it depends on my money and interest when said game is released.

Gonna wait til 3 months after release and get the game for 40-50% off like people did with BL3.


Agreed on the issues that GB has not fixed yet. I’m keeping my expectations on this next game of theres low.

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I’m looking forward to seeing how coop pans out in this one.

Local coop and online play has been abysmal in BL3. Not just that but they’ve made very little effort to fix it (until crossplay arrived, that’s the only positive I can think of)


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We need shield in the left arm while wielding a sword!! A shield is a must need for a high fantasy. Super important for a high fantasy.


I agree but that would require a complete overhaul of weapon slots or it would need to combine sword and shield in one weapon as a pair

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i prol wont buy this game like most until it hits 20 bucks or less
i want to see this thing come out and prove to me that the balancing doesnt suck ass
and that they do not mayhem2.0 this game into its shallow grave as they have with bl3


Wait, wheres the VIP link for wonderlands? I got all the heads and skins for BL3, Meowze is my favorite moze head!

found it, I guess it’s not like where we get points and can purchase things with points?

Perfectly put.

From the looks of things, most of us will automatically get it by logging into our SHIFT accounts when in the game.

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No. You need to link your SHIFT and 2K accounts, and agree to receive the marketing emails right up through launch. What’s not clear to me is when you have to have signed up by - I’m assuming they don’t mean do this March 24th and get the goodies March 25th.

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