Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Release Date

They say it’s available until december 31, 2023

That’s a suspiciously large window - honestly wouldn’t have expected it to be that long. Let the idle speculation commence…

Yeah, part of the luster of the VIP stuff for BL3 was how limited it was. Maybe they’ll come out with a thing like that later on before release!

Well I heard there’s duel wielding in the game take one of these slots and you can put a sword or a shield there it’s that easy. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is or not shields in game.

that would mean that you can have a shield in one slot and use it without a weapon
take sal for example
he can use two of his weapons at once but each of these weapons can also be used by itself
i don’t know if you could “fight” with a shield like captain america

We see what happens I wouldn’t care if the shield ls just like the armor we getting stats.

Thinking about it, they did it with Athena in TPS so it’s certainly possible. Some eagle-eyed folks have also noted that various specials seem to be taken from Battleborn, where there were also shields, so GBX have done this before. Whether they’re in this game or not remains to be seen; I suspect, however, that if they’re not already in the game already they won’t be when it launches - 6 months is on the short side for making a significant addition (character animations, code, etc.) So keep your eye on any game-play reveals, I guess?


I am exactly the type of person who (prior to BL3’s poor handling) would have bought this along with the season pass on day 1.

Now I will be buying it probably about 2 years after it is released, along with all DLC probably for around $10.

And the sad thing is, Borderlands used to be my favorite series. I don’t trust GBX, though.

There are other games I plan to buy on day 1 from other publishers. That’s how badly burned I feel by GBX.


I wouldn’t say burned but I’m cautious enough to wait. It took far too long to get to where B3 is now and there were lots of growing pains along the way. I kind of expect day 1 for there to be broken mechanics and questionable design choices. Then nerfs and buffs and things that should have been in at the start. Like going through B3 all over again.

It’s not often I put 1000 hours into a game so obviously I enjoyed my time. I feel it has so much more potential still - and nagging things to fix. I really hope they continue to support it.

If people say the endgame of Wonderlands is good I’ll buy it.

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Would anybody here know if crossplay is going to be a thing on launch by any chance?

I’m planning(trying really) to buy a PS5 for a family member but I play on PC. If we can crossplay on launch then it’s a first day buy for me but if it takes a while (I think there are still issues with Playstation?) for crossplay to kick in then I think I’ll hold off and save money for a few more months.

Thank you

Quite the opposite here lol
BL3 was enjoyable for the first 8 months
Then it was destroyed^^


I haven’t seen anything on this specifically. That said, there is no crossplay between PS4/5 and other platforms in BL3. Unless Sony & 2K change their minds and come to an agreement I doubt the new game will be any different.

honestly the ps5 is a shitshow
and by that i mean
they have released an updated version right now
but that version is of lesser quality then the original version

this lesser version tends to get rly rly hot and loud

if i was you i would honestly wait
i wait till they release a ps5 slim or pro or whatever they have to update the thing

they plan to get a new version out by 2023 or 24
they also said themselves that you wont get a ps5 normal edition till 2023-24
since they will have shortages until this time

rly just wait it out.
it sounds stupid but ps4 pro or any ps4 at this point is as good as a ps5 without any joke

They actually tested the thermals and it runs cooler if not the same as the original model.

I’d also wait for a newer version though regardless, that’s what I’m doing. Though, elden ring is coming out soon and the only thing I wanted to play was demon’s souls so I’m in no rush.
God of war as well.

Also, I keep mentioning it but death loop is a really fun game, it’s on ps5 and windows atm.

ive been hearing different things about the new ps5, but i guess there arent enough ppl able to buy it anyway.
i wait and one day they release a ps5 that i can buy

I for one am happy with my ps5.

When GBX concludes the twelve month beta test post-release, I’ll happily buy it on sale for like $10.

Ain’t gonna fool me again…