Tiny Tina's Wonderlands SCREENSHAKE OFF feature doesn't work

The screenshake off setting doesn’t work. There’s a ton of things in the game that still gives screenshake. I know it says in the setting that it won’t turn it off for everything, but there’s just way too much stuff in the game shaking the screen. Thanks a lot for constantly making me sick to the point of not being able to play the game. I’ve had to turn off the game and still spend hours feeling nauseous because of this. Same thing yesterday. Well done. At least you already have my money so I guess you couldn’t care less.


If it affects you that badly, I would suggest claiming a refund while you still can - check with the point of purchase for their policy.

That headbob and screen shakes are nausea-inducing is a well-known fact within the game development world, and here we have one of the world’s top game developers releasing a game in one of the world’s most attractive gaming IPs with a full AAA price tag; The game even includes specific settings for turning these things off, meaning they are indeed fully aware of it, and yet they make some sort of half-assed implementation that has little impact on the actual player behind the screen.

This is a clear sign of “I don’t give a sh!t if people get sick” by Gearbox. Simulator sickness is suffered to some degree by more than 50% of the people. Yet they actively make a development effort to implement these features into their game, but are too lazy to make sure people can actually turn them off.

I played Wonderlands again today. That was 7 hours ago now and I’m still feeling sick. This is not an uncommon problem.

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If they had interest in us, they would have made a place for bug reports, and actually tried to finish the game.
As is now, their eliminated game get more attention than TTW