Tiny tiny fonts are unreadable (PS4)

At present, the tiny fonts in Inventory and elsewhere make the game very difficult to play. To put it in perspective, if my screen were a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper, the weapon specs would be about a 2-point font when they’d really need to be about 8 points for basic readability. Gearbox REALLY needs to fix this; otherwise a 5-star game is going to end up with a 2-star rating!


This is a major issue for me too. Literally have to get up and stand a foot away from the tv to read the text on splitscreen mode. Super lame!


Agreed times 1000


My biggest complaint so far. This should be a no brainer. If you are going to make the subtitles adjustable, maybe make the rest adjustable as well.

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It’d be nice to know if a patch is coming for fixing this, it’s absolutely tiny and unreadable without binoculars! Been looking forward to playing this but it’s unplayable like this.

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So I guess this is kind of more than one issue, but, it really feels like, as much as they talked about enhancing accessibility in BL3 over the other games, that they didn’t playtest this with vision impaired people AT ALL. Like, though I am dyslexic, I have perfect vision and even I can’t read what the heck any of the in-game text says. It’s so small I can’t discern between ol and d, rn and m etc etc. I have to stand up closer to the TV just to read menus, and the text in item descriptions is so small I just straight up cannot read it at all. I’m getting stress headaches from this stuff.

I was really excited about the adjustable subtitles option - and don’t get me wrong I’m still happy it’s there - but it clearly wasn’t tested very well, because above 150% the text consistently stretches off the screen. There’s no point having bigger font I can read better if I can’t actually see the words y’all! While we’re at it, having the ability to change both the font colour and background colour for subtitles would be unbelievably useful - dyslexics in general can read off a coloured background/coloured font much better than white and black.

Also also, for some reason there are subtitles during Marcus’s intro speech, and there are subtitles during the rest of the game, but during the first moments of actual gameplay – on the bus with Marcus and meeting Claptrap for the first time – the subtitles are missing. I know this isn’t just my game because it happened in both playthroughs I started and a friend mentioned the same problem while playing on call together.

Congrats on the closed captions though! Really great feature and really nice detail to it. I was surprised how many sound effects are included. Good going.

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I have no idea how they thought this tiny font was okay? I just don’t get it. My pet peeve are billboards with too much information on them that you can’t even read them as you drive past, making the advertisement pointless. This is a similar feeling. You want people to get up every 5 seconds to stand a foot from their TV so they can read the text in your game?! They had 7 years to just not make it any worse than Borderlands 2, but they found a way to make a ton of things worse! Admittedly, there are a lot of things better, but they’re severely overshadowed by the negatives. No vertical split-screen being the biggest one for me and this issue a very close second. I hate to be negative about one of my favourite game series ever, but I guess the more invested you are, the more passionate you become. When things make absolutely no sense, it’s just incredibly frustrating. I hope they fix these issues soon.

(I’m on Xbox One, for the record).


We just started playing this mid-December on PS4 and it still hasn’t been fixed. We can’t even play from the couch due to not being able to read anything. We have to use our office chairs pulled right up to the TV.

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Hello gearbox! Not the only ones complaining here. When will they fix this ■■■■. In split screen it’s impossible to play! I hate the font size so much.

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I’ve voiced my support for a fix to this a few times; although performance has been improved in the menus in some circumstances the font still makes playing this split-screen (which is the only time I’ll play it) a no-go.

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That is the cause of about 90% of the problems with the game. They rushed the release date and rely on the player base to be the testers. There is no real excuse from this issue or the frame rate issue on consoles. The game should have been released in November for holiday sales. Instead they put it out in September to have the community bug test the major stuff out so they could be on Black Friday sales (retailers still pay full price so any physical copies 2K/GB got their money out of the sale) and have a hopefully larger base for a DLC in December to double dip before the end of Q4.

Just connect two consoles with a CAT-5E cable and use two TVs…

Oh wait. Gearbox removed LAN play. You’ll have to pay Sony $60 to play BL3 on your own home network for a readable font size.

But then, of course, you are having to pay for a second PS4 and a second TV and a second copy of BL3 in addition to the PSN account . . . just so I can play BL3 with my son in the same room? Ehh, heck no. I’ll just go back to playing BL2.

But Borderlands GOTY for PS4 has the same tiny illegible font issues as BL3; however, it does have vertical split screen play.