Tip For Pheobe? *3*

So, I used to hate playing pheobe, she had uninteresting attack animations, her skills were always meh, and she was glass-ish and honestly just felt like a burden to play (in pve, i know she’ a great in and out assassin in pvp)
Just a general boring character for me to play

I originally played her a month back when i was grinding All the lore (I have all lore now *3*…and all achievments, minus ernest >3<), and honestly besides Reyna it felt like the most boring grindy lore the whole time i just wanted it to be over, not because the lore was too hard, but because I Hated playing Pheobe for the reasons above.

So when i Mastered Pheobe, this was still when doing her lore for some reason got you mastery (idk if thats still the case), she was only lvl 6 >~>…

Shes now lvl 11 after a binge of playing her today, for the first time Since doing her lore, and I think she may be one of my favorites now.
I havent played her in pvp yet, but in pve she’s been really good.

I think the problem was when i was doing lore i treated True Strike like a chore i had to keep doing instead of a fluid part of her combos to do Insane damage.
But now I’ve kinda gotten the idea of how she plays, taking the mutation for the +150% damage true strike, and either the sweep true strike or the +40% damage 2nd strike (I prefer the latter)

I’m curious if her final mutation is any good cause i know literally nothing about her.

The gear im running is Vow Of Zealous Furry, Vow Of Vengence (or the Biowhatever gauntlet), and 3rd gear im iffy on, I’m thinking Bola’s Target Finder but idk
This is a pve build, if it was pve i’d just throw in a no cost shard gen.
Been using a regen gear for the time being.

Honestly she’s pretty fun and has amazing dps once you understand how she’s meant to function and have that truestike mutation, so im looking to get into her for a while after i mastered attikus.

VoZF and VoV are great for PVP. Phoebe really doesnt shine until level 7(or 5) because that’s when she gets a major attack speed boost. I’d replace Bola’s target finder with a shard gen. It’s only like what 5% more damage which isn’t really significant.

You should be using phasegate to initiate then melee. Blade rush would be rarely used and is almost near useless unless the target is running away.

What I like to do is hold down the primary combo and true strike together. This makes it so that one: you get the best out of her mutations and two: it makes it harder for the enemy to fight back because you are always moving.

Her level 12 mutation is not good… Blade cascade follows her, but deals 60% less damage I believe.

Well yeah, like i said this was pve, in pvp i’d just throw in a no cost shardgen.

Though maybe in pve i should just use Executive Insurance policy, since it’s a shard gen sheild booster lol

Bola’s does give +5% damage to enemies you’ve hit with a skill, but it also gives +5% attack speed (Skilldamage is obviously worthless lol)

Idk I’m just experimenting around with a fun super dps build that would only work in pve ;p

Aw, thats a pretty terrible mutation lol, given the others give +16% damage taken to anything in the field and the other makes it take up half the arena and give +30% movement speed >~>
Pretty pointless, but whatever, still probably going to try to master pheobe…or…reach lvl 15 for no reason since i have mastery from whatever glitch was happening with her lore >~>

All good points, except it’s 50% less. It also looks kinda cool.

I’d consider Vidanium Root Tea if you have it. Regen and sprint speed, and would combo well with symbiotic Gauntlet which I believe is what you said you were using sometimes. Otherwise, you should know that her blade sweep actually is stronger than reprise. It’s a 50% damage increase. Idk why or how, but I’ve tested and asked and it appears it works better. If you don’t like how it feels I understand, but a super strong aoe is always great! And I always choose the level 10 area and speed buff, in all modes. I teleport into the mob, drop, and use either contingency plan or my movement speed to escape.

Vidanium root doesnt have regen anymore i think, just a health boost?
unsure, i’ll double check, but idk >~>

Oh wait, you’re right, now it just has healing recieved or something. It’s still a great piece of gear for her with the health pickups as she sprints from one enemy to the next.

Just checked her mutation and it is indeed -60% dmg, but yes I do agree it looks cool a bit.


Weird. I’m on ps4 and it displays -60%

Huh. I just checked the mentalmars site and the wiki and they are both wrong and those forums are wrong, so they must have changed it in a patch. I couldn’t imagine why though lol, it’s already not great.

Her ult isn’t too great in general lol, usually only useful when you get one of the lvl 10 skills either for increased damage or speed and a giant aoe >~>

It’s nothing amazing in PVE, but in PVP it can get you multi kills easily.

For PvE I’d put it as one of the top 4 Ultimates before you get to the level 10 helix choices. And even at level 10 it’d still be in the top 7, with only Boldur’s and ISIC’s blowing it out of the water.

But then those are the best in the game PVE wise. It’s not the biggest aoe, but it’s damage is shockingly intense.

Yeah by level 10 I get it doing about 468 damage per rapier, which ends up being about 2380 damage per enemy. No mob survives it at that point, and it just melts bosses with only Space Lasers and Omega Strike doing a better job. To counter the bad radius you can just Phasegate into the center of the mobs, then they all aggro walk towards you, your slow keeps them there, and Contingency Plan makes sure you never are in a bad spot.

All with the added benefit of your enemies taking an universal damage amp. And your Ult doesn’t take you out of the game like Attikus’ and El Dragon’s does, making it so you get to keep your amazing DPS that is now 16% better.

P.S. Blade Sweep is much better.

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Yeah. Blade Cascade is great if you are super accurate with teleport and your melee strikes. Melts players for days.
I’ve recently started playing a less DPS and more disruptor build.
I take her shield strength and recharge rate mutation, and a shield recharge delay gear. Keeps me in the battle. I notice the increase in time it takes to kill, and I still wish I had more speed on her, but I’d hate to get rid of my shard gen, cause building stuff is super helpful in PUGs.
And ditching VoV would be too harmful to the dp
But, I do better with assists, and my kd spread is better.
I can hold the lane better with the level 5 mutation, and the increased shields. I can still hold my own in a 1v1. I can still chase certain kills decently. But I’m also staying in the fray longer, and can use that to help my allies not die by jumping into a skirmish as a surprise and proceed to whoop butt.
That, and Pendles can still never win a 1v1 against me as Phoebe. It’s great. Even weakened.

So, are you asking for tips with PvE or PvP?

If you got questions, you know where to find me.

Somewhere on Steam. Maybe playing this game. Or spending time in Neptunia games -cuz they are hilarious.