Tip for those of Those attempting to farm rare spawns

Was in the midst of doing something In the Splinterlands and Princess Tarantella the Third showed up.

I took care of her but then I got sidetracked doing something else and forgot to pause my game.

Low and behold I heard a commotion and looked up to see that she had respawned after a short time.

I was always under the impression that you had to quit out of the game and load it back up to get them to respawn again… Which, has up to now, been an extremely time consuming and unrewarding process due to the fact that the rare spawns, for me at least, hardly ever show up and if they do they rarely drop any of their assigned legendaries.

So I thought well that would be cool if all the rare spawns did so because then all you’d have to do is get them to show up at least once and just stay in the area instead of closing out of the game to have them come back, which seems like it would be a lot faster compared to quitting out and loading back into the game which is not a guaranteed spawn.

So I went to Conrad’s hold and got lucky and had Captain Slunk and Thoth spawn. Took them down and left My game going un-paused for a bit and when I came back to it moved around a little up by where they spawn and they came back. :smiley:


How long do you think you waited?

Not sure of the exact time but I am attempting it some more at the moment and well do a timer for it and I will make sure to post back on here As soon as possible

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So., you think by waiting, the game will respawn them? Am I reading that correct?

I think that the game has a 15 min timer before enemies respawn. Does that sound about right?


Probably close to that, but takes 40s to load back up. No way anyone is gonna call that efficient. Sure you could tool around to stay busy, but if you’re looking to farm best to restart.

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Yes… though… my first test was with Slunk and Thoth and they actually showed up 4x in roughly 34 minutes versus doing it without reloading and just waiting around for them to respawn which would’ve been 4x in 60 minutes … :hushed:

Was hoping that would have been at least a little bit faster by waiting for them to respond seeing as how they would reliably do so that way.

The so far this only appears to help those they can’t afford to sit in front of the game their entire lives waiting having to do the reload method.

The waiting method would allow them to get up and do other things and they could just set a timer Or keep track of the time by any other means and come back and check the game after a 15 minutes had passed. ( As long as their xbox isn’t set to turn off were save power anytime before a 15 minute period has passed)

I am still going to try this out with some of the other rare spawns just to see. Will post back here if I find any positive results with the others.

Yes, that lines up with my experience.

I think this exact thing happened to me by accident the other day, and with the same enemies too. After defeating them, I was pinned down by some tank tinks for a long time, and I retreated just a bit too far, they all reopened around me… so, I guess that’s a bit more proof, ha.

Was just trying this with the unstoppable and it appears that he is not guaranteed to respawn with the other enemies after showing up the 1st time in one session…

:confused: I am sorry for wasting everyone’s time with this just got excited…

… On a side note, not too long back when attempting to farm Captain Slunk and Thoth.

After dying and coming back to the area I noticed that they had duplicated themselves and it seemed to happen every time I would either let myself die.

Would have to try it again to know if it still works like that though… wish it worked like that for all of the rare spawns :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as I know, the game has a timer for respawns. And everytime a rare enemy can spawn, it does a dice roll to decide if they do spawn. It should be possible to have multiple of the same rare enemy.

What he is saying is that every MoB in the game has a fixed respawn timer. If you clear an area the enemies in it will respawn after a while. Rare spawns are an exception to the rule because the determines on world generation of they are there or not.

IF they are there tho they abide to the same respawn rule as the rest of the MoBs so if you get a rare spawn you can come back after a time and it ll be there again.

Please do, this would be valuable information :slight_smile:

Depends on how long it takes you to reach the rare spawn. If your character is so developed that you dont care about enemy trash on the way anymore then sure, you can reach any point in the game within a couple minutes.

Yesterday was farming Mother of Grogans for artifacts and didn’t get any, her drop rate is way way too small. Rare spawns should have better drop rate.

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I totally agree with that!! :grinning:

This will be great for grinding if there’s a big enough area filled with enemies that’s somewhat circular. Could just walk around it for hours leveling up and looting.

Does this work if you leave the area and go farm something else then come back? Maybe hit up all the rare spawn in a cycle and just never save quit when they are all showing up.

That’s possible… didn’t think of trying that though it’s a good idea :smiley:

i think it sounds about right to me, i found groups respawning after i beat traunt, and porting back to the bgining to sell everything, all the mobs had already repsawned.