Tips and advice for attempting a challenge run

I put this in spoilers because I’d love to talk about the different guns you can find in the game and - more importantly - The Handsome Jackhammer.

I want to do a Zane playthrough with this gun being my main gun and everything being Hyperion only. I love Jack and I did a Hyperion only Maya run on BL2 with great delight.

However, the more I try and make a build around this gun for Zane (I want Zane because his abilities remind me of Jacks in The Pre Sequel), is it as achievable to do TVHM with manufacturer only?

Maybe I’ve just had poor luck but finding shields and weapons to work together with abilities is really tough. On top of that, would artefacts be allowed since they’re Eridian make?

Maybe I’m not embracing the challenge enough. I just found that I had a lot more combinations in 2. I’m a little overwhelmed.

I wonder, have you seen this yet? It’s BL2 specific but clarified a lot of allegiance run methodology for me so maybe it’ll be helpful to you, even if it’s not entirely useful.

That thread does address relics, although it’s hardly definitive. Basically that it’s up to you as the player. It grants you as much latitude as you want. :man_shrugging:
At least one thought that’s crossed my mind is that cons are not tied to a manufacturer this go round, so coms are flexible in a way they weren’t before.

Going Hyperion with Zane? Has anyone determined if his shield skills affect the shields on the weapons? I doubt it, but it would be an interesting thing to work with. Also, if you get a Hyperion amp shield and use the barrier can you double dip on bonus damage?

Do you have build/gear specific questions? Maybe move this to the Zane section for better/more detailed answers.

And as far as I know, no one has tried allegiance/challenge runs of 3 yet, so you’re kind of the pioneer here. I’d say hit it and see how it goes. Try everything and ask questions. You never know how it’ll work until you try. As Marcus would say, “Good Luck.”

Yeah I was going to try and not be too informative about the Zane part and just ask more about whether others think manufacturer runs are more or less viable in 3? In 2 I felt you could do just about any manufacturer but in 3, I’d dread to do an atlas only run because I don’t enjoy the weapons. Not to mention that some manufacturers are just much stronger than others - Jakobs especially since you can get elemental of those weapons. I’m looking at you Queens Call!

Regarding my Zane, I’m attempting a very defensive build - get all that shield going. But truth be told, I could run clone and drone with my gun as my shield instead.

I hope I’m not the pioneer - I’m much too misinformed for that! I only remember doing Maya Hyperion and having a lot of fun with it :smiley:

Everyone is lacking information in the early days, so don’t worry about that. I say do what you want until it’s not fun anymore. As for every manufacturer being viable, that’s up to the individual player. I think Atlas would be difficult too, but I’m sure someone could do it. Why don’t you start a thread recording your experiences in the Zane section? That way you’ll have notes you can go back to as well as a place for other folks to offer insight if that’s something you need.

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